Monday, August 3, 2009

What's been going on around here?

The garden is looking pretty good these days but a lot of the flowers are finished. We had to cut most of the hydrangeas because they were turning brown and all went crispy on top from the unrelenting heat.
The Daisies finally made their appearance they are also done now so the only real colour we have in the garden right now are some orange Day Lilies and whatever we have planted in our pots. It's been a bit difficult keeping everybody happy in the extreme heat we've been experiencing, plants and people, but I think we are all learning to adapt.
A couple of weeks ago we had the strangest thunder and lightening storm that lasted for hours and hours. I forgot that I had snapped some photos of the incredible sky that evening but found the photos when I was clearing off my camera this morning.
Late last night I heard a commotion in the front yard and was treated to a view of the critters we share our property with. This is a Momma and 3 or 4 babies you can just make out in the photo. I watched them scamper around the front yard and into the back yard for about an hour last night. They didn't seem to take any notice of me. I find them fascinating! I wonder how much longer they will all be together? The babies are almost as big as their Momma. I love the way they talk to each other with little chirping noises.
Superman starts his new job tomorrow and there is less than 6 weeks until our wedding. I'll update soon and show you what I've been up to on the wedding front. Lots to do but it's coming together. I am ready to start uploading some of the details as we get closer to the date.
Stay tuned, and if you are reading this, thanks for sticking around even though I haven't had much to say lately.
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Blonde Goddess said...

Wow! Less than 6 weeks until the wedding! I'm so happy for you!

My Little Corner said...

I figured you were busy with wedding plans - I'm sure it's all coming together nicely.
and congratulations to superman for the new job - that must be a relief!
That sky photo is absolutely amazing! We had the same storm, but not that sky!


I'm excited for your excitement! :)

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