Thursday, July 31, 2008

You call that art?

I bought some art! My friend is closing his antiques shop today for good. I have had many fine conversations with him over the years as I walked by his lovely shop each morning on the way to work. I have always admired this lovely watercolour but it was way out of my price range. The artist is Richard McDiarmid and he is from right here in Vancouver. I have no idea how old this is but looking at the back of the framing tells me it is maybe 20 or 30 years old. I don't really care how old it is or how famous the artist is, and the fact that it's worth well over $1000 and I paid a mere fraction of that makes me smile. I just really like it. I don't think the photo does it justice. I have a special place to put it but it can't go up yet. It's all a part of my bedroom beautification plan. I will keep you posted.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mr Clean????

I took the day off to do some house cleaning and I am just about as frustrated as I could be. I don't know how it got so damn dirty in here and I am not applying myself like I sometimes do and getting it all done at once. I am distracted and disinterested and pissed off.

My cock-a-doody vacuum cleaner is not working. I have never had good luck with these stupid contraptions and it seems paying a little more and getting a real vacuum cleaner doesn't make a damn difference. I swear to God the bloody thing gave up the ghost the minute the warranty timed out.

It's a Bissell upright and it's about as useless as tits on a bull. How much do you have to pay to get a half decent vacuum cleaner? I could probably get this one repaired but I don't like the way it cleans anyway so what's the point. Oh, it sucks, but the brush doesn't turn now. WTF?

I just spent an hour scooting around the kitchen on my ass sucking up bits of dirt with the crevasse tool.

That does it, I am going to tidy up and have the cleaning service come in to do a proper job then it's off to buy a new vacuum cleaner I guess. Anybody have a vacuum they would recommend? It helps if it pulls itself out of the closet when I'm not here and gives the place a going over. I would settle for one that works and doesn't seem to just blow the dust around. And no uprights. Never again.
Gah! I am procrastinating. And another thing...

Just kidding. Getting back to work now.

I was looking for an image to go with this post and typed in "frustrated housewife", WOW, soooo much porno.

Hitting the road?

So.... I am obsessed. I get like this sometimes. Fixated on one thing. I spend hours and hours thinking about it and looking at it on the internet. I fantasize about it and imagine it is real and figure out how to make it happen and if it's the least bit possible. I dreamt about it last night again. I now know what it is I want and have narrowed it down to the exact thing.
What I want is one of these...

This one belongs to my friends Joe and Shannon and I must admit I am coveting this little puppy. It's a BOLER trailer and it is distinctly Canadian. They were only manufactured in Canada from 1968-1971 it is estimated that there were only 7,000 to 10,000 units made.

A lot of these babies have been sitting under tarps in peoples yards or garages for many years and need a lot of TLC to make them pretty again. I think That would be a pretty fun project.

Boler trailers are made of fiberglass and the insides are made with something called Ensolite, this product had been developed by Uniroyal and was being used in the cockpits of airplanes at the time. They are only 13 feet long, extremely lightweight and don't require a truck to pull them. I have seen pictures from the seventies with one being towed by a VW Beatle. They were designed for a small family but I think they would be perfect for a couple.

Isn't it just perfect?

I love this little trailer and I will figure out a way to have one by next summer. I figure at the end of every summer there are a lot of hard decisions made about keeping the old camping trailer or getting rid of it and upgrading. I'm not quite ready to get one yet but the wheels have started turning.

I must have it. But how???

Monday, July 28, 2008

Can I have a ride?

We survived another weekend! This summer has sure been shaping up, what with the great weather and the parties and all.

Saturday was interesting, as we were puttering around the apartment we noticed there were some loud motorbikes coming and going. When we went onto the deck we were greeted by quite a site. This is only a fraction of the bikes parked outside. They went all the way down the block and around the corner. COOL!

Of course the event brought a spirited bunch of folks with it and by the time we went out at 9 there was a lot of tire squealing and general monkey business taking place. I wish we could have stuck around to see it all go down and maybe go over for a beer or two, it looked like good fun.

Instead we headed off to a house party and it was a good one. Friends of ours have a house in East Vancouver that time seems to have forgotten. The house is on a huge lot buried in a little chunk of old growth forest. The house itself is around a hundred years old and has never been upgraded or renovated. It's a slice of east Van history and the folks that live there are hip retro style people from the clothes they wear to the decor of the house, it's a pretty cool place to be. Not to mention the number of amazing musicians that were there, there was live house-rockin' music in the living room stuffed full of sweaty happy dancers. And cheese puffs too. Good times.

Moving pretty slow on Sunday but managed to get myself going with a trip to Costco to do some shopping. What the hell was I thinking? It's almost impossible to actually buy anything there if your not buying for a family of four. I can't get my head around all the massive quantities that everything comes in. I simply cannot store that much food. I know I might be sad in the event of a disaster but we do live above a grocery store so I figure we should be good for a while.

Today was just a bit of a silly one with a morning filled with phone calls and sad stories, dealing with little details at work and buying office supplies. Had a lovely lunch date though, good food and great company. Not bad at all.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where's the party?

Happy Birthday Erin!
I have decided to use more names in my blog. I even find it confusing to say BFF all the time without being able to say who is who. I don't really think it matters but I wanted to ease into this thing a little with anonymity to start and maybe more details about my life as it feels comfortable. This way I can promote their businesses, talents, blogs and websites too.
We had a lovely time on Thursday night at Erin and Paul's place, the first yard/bbq party of the summer and it had all the elements. Great weather, lots of yummy food, good friends we haven't seen in a long time, new people to meet and of course the loveliest of birthday girls. All good! Thanks guys!
This weekend is the big Pemberton Music Festival. There was a time when I would be all over this kind of event but there is no way in hell you could get me up there at this stage of my life. I don't need to be in a remote area with over 40, 000 people, nothing to do my business in but a blue plastic pissy/poopy hotbox and a 10'x 10' camping area to call home. Are you fucking kidding me?? There are so many restrictions at this event, you can't bring in your own booze you have to buy on sight, not a bad idea I guess but I imagine it would be an expensive little outing when you tally it all up. The weather report is calling for rain tomorrow. If I went it would rain for sure. I am convinced that global warming really started in earnest when I threw away my tent. I had about an 80% chance of rain whenever I set it up. It was uncanny. It got to the point that whenever there were freak rain storms in the middle of summer my mother would call me after and ask if I was camping. Why else would it rain for no reason. The last time we camped, we went to sleep in the warm summer night and woke up to a torrential rainforest downpour. We had to pack everything up and into the car to catch a ferry. I was drying out the tent in the living room of our apartment for a week. That's when I decided I was done. I would love some sort of camping house, how about that little trailer in my header?? That would be perfect. I think I would make a good RVer too. Maybe one day. Until then it's staying at friends houses or motel/hotels. I've earned it.
Tonight we are going to a rockin' house party. Some of Vancouver's legendary Rockabilly, Roots musicians will be there and these parties are always interesting and fun. I'll tell you all about it on Sunday.
Yup, summer is in full swing! I hope my liver can stand a little more.
Cheers Ya'll!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Going to bed?

This is the view from the foot of our bed. Pretty isn't it? I'm having a lot of fun trying to capture different light and using different settings on my camera. This is my favorite room.
Today is a tired day. Looking forward to crawling into that bed.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mission accomplished?

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Today BFF and I went to Mission to visit a some friends who sold their place in Vancouver and moved to the country for a new way of life. You can get a lot of house in Mission for what it costs to live in Vancouver. Tempting though it is I don't think I am quite ready to leave the "Big Smoke". It is obvious that the lifestyle suits our friends perfectly. It makes me so happy for them. We had a lovely lunch with some great company and when it was time to leave my belly hurt from laughing so much. We were also celebrating a couple of birthdays so we brought our favourite cake. I always forget how to say it in German but it translates as "Beesting". A truly yummy cake with fresh cream and custard and a crunchy almond topping and the lightest of cakes.
Our friends have an amazing collection of tikki decor and monkey art, I love it all. Especially the hula girl lamp ( she really dances!) and all of our hostesses original art of course.
Lovely, talented people. Sometimes work connections turn into great friendships, it's rare but it happens.

How's the weather?

I woke up to a charlie horse in my calf this morning. That's what I call a rude awakening.

Yesterday I went to Ikea. I wanted to deal with the problem of scorching sunlight landing on our bed at 5:30 in the morning. We just haven't been getting good sleeps and you know how that can start to take a toll after awhile.

The entire east facing wall in the bedroom is window and even though there are blinds the searing heat was sneaking through and making our heads smoke like sunlight on a vampire. I installed a wall of curtains, they are a brownish colour that I am not sure I like. I was debating on a dark colour or a thick, white fabric. I love the look of the white, it keeps an airy fresh feeling in the room but I was scared they wouldn't block as much light so I opted for the darker colour.

We noticed right away last night at bedtime, the room was much darker and the traffic noise seemed a little quieter too.

When I woke up this morning after I got over the searing pain of my charlie horse I realized that I had slept through the morning and the room was still cozy and darkened. Very nice! I started to imagine the good old days of sleeping in late. I was so proud of myself for making such a huge improvement. I had obviously made a perfect choice when picking my curtain fabric. Good for me. I got out of bed and went into the living room and that's when I realized that after weeks of hot sunny weather, I woke up to a cloudy day.

The true test is yet to come.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

How is it?

Aw summer. It's been a good one so far. Just a quick post before we head out to friends place to do some singin' and playin' and drinkin'. That's right we don't need the letter "g" to have fun!

Footloose is on right now and Kevin Bacon is just about to go to the town council meeting. Superman thinks they will dance and change every ones mind.

Whenever anybody kisses on TV Superman yells "SMOOCHIE!" at the screen in a slightly odd way. It can be unsettling. Sometimes I think I am marrying an eight year old. But other times...

We had a nice day today. We drove down to Commercial Drive and went to our favourite music store Bone Rattle. Of course we both found expensive things we wanted to buy. We managed to control our urges and went to a nice little restaurant called TIMBRE and had Greyhounds and yummy sandwiches.

Well my friends, off to do some jamming. Talk to you tomorrow and have fun out there.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Can I have one more?

Can I just tell you... My life is blessed.
My friends are awesome and I am just so grateful. The last two nights we had a BFF staying with us. Her husband passed away a few weeks ago, from cancer (fuck you cancer), she is doing pretty well. You know, she's sad and a little depressed but she's living her life and being so real and courageous about it. Her strength through this whole thing has been so amazing and inspirational and we can all only hope to get through something so horrible and do it with such grace and class. I feel so lucky to have witnessed one of my peers set the benchmark for grace under pressure. I only hope I can live up to and take inspiration from her if and when I have to deal with anything so difficult. I love her.
This morning we went to the pool with my other BFF and we had such a nice time just chatting and swimming and soaking up the sun. So good.
When I finished work today I checked in with two more of my BFFs and realized that they were both going through some pretty heavy emotional stuff, you know, men, relationships, sadness and anxiety. There was only one thing to do, have a girls night. We decided, last minute to go to a movie, Sex In The City seemed the logical choice.
We met at the theatre and were all a little out of sorts due to debris from the day. We bought our snacks and sat down to watch the movie. We laughed and we cried and we related to everything, except maybe the clothes. I love the fashion on SITC, it's ridiculous and fun like art to me.
After the movie we went to an Italian "Soul Food" restaurant next door to the theatre and that's when it hit us all. We could so relate to so many things in the movie. I am not embarrassed to say we sat down and ordered Cosmopolitans at $8 a pop, we had a few and they were good. We drank cocktails and talked about our stuff and we laughed and we cried and we snuck ( I know "snuck" isn't a word but I don't know better word) drags on a cigarette on the outdoor patio, something that is punishable by death in Vancouver. I swear to God, the stuff we talked about was more crazy and interesting than any plot from any movie.
I came away from this evening a little tipsy, yes but even more important I feel a real appreciation for the friends that I have. I know that we will be truly there for each other as we age and go through weddings, divorces, funerals, new loves, break ups, kids, no kids and all that shit we haven't even thought of yet.
What I know is this, I have good friends that I love very much and who love me back. I have friends I can trust and I know that we can be there for each other no matter what. I look forward to more laughs and tears and trips and parties and stories and heartaches and music, and joyful times with these people. I look forward to aging but never growing up with these people.
I guess, like many, I have a few over priced cocktails and start telling my friends how much I loves 'em.
To all my BFF's I love you.
Yah, I know, you love me too.
Drinks tomorrow night? I'm there.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Did you axe me somthin'?

Today I was contacted by some friends of mine from Your Vancouver Roots (YVR) Productions BC Indie Music to do an interview for a podcast called Ladies Night. My partner in crime was asked the same questions as me but I haven't seen her answers yet. I thought I would share my answers here but you can listen to the whole podcast here. We released our first album last year and I've been having a lot of fun with the band for years. You can listen here if you like.
I'm a bit lazy so I figured I already wrote a bunch of stuff I might just as well post it here.
You can buy a copy of the cd here. Or check out our MySpace page here.
Okay, enough shameless promotion. Carry on.

Here ya go -

Q: When did you first start getting into music, and what or whom inspired you to do so?

A: I was inspired by my family. My Dad loved music and would call me over to the stereo to really listen to songs that moved him, Elvis, Roy Orbison, the Hollies, The Eagles. My Dad had a few friends who were musicians and we would have jam parties when I was a kid. We were allowed to participate and stay up late because we enjoyed it so much. My older brother started playing guitar and taking lessons when he was about 9, I was 6 and I always liked singing so I was learning harmony at a young age. I started singing in choirs in the first grade and continued to do so until I finished high school. From the grade 9-12 I was singing in a professional jazz choir all around town. I was in my first band at 15, it was a country band called The Ramblin' Rose Band. It featured my brother on bass and two other brothers on guitar and drums. Good times.

Q: Did you have any formal training - either in singing or in playing guitar/mandolin?

A: Most of my vocal training was in school singing in choirs and doing solos with the jazz band etc. Some of the most intense training I had took place when I was chosen to be in British Columbia Honour Choir two years in a row. They would choose the top 100 choir students in BC and bring in guest conductors from large American Universities. We would be billeted in different cities and our teaching workshops would be attended by music teachers from all over BC. The final concerts would be performed in large concert halls. I picked up the mandolin just a few years ago and taught myself a couple of cords. Still so much to learn there.

Q: When did you form the BoomChix, and how did that come to be?
A: 2000. Janice and I were feeling a little left out by the boys and decided to get together on our own and learn some songs. We'd show them. We had been singing together for a long time already, including another band for 7 years.

Q: Is there a particular artist whose really had a big impact/influence on you as a performer? Who - and why?
A: There are many, in the beginning we were influenced by The Indigo Girls. I remember being blown away by Blue Rodeo shows at The Commodore. R.E.M, Steve Earle, Lone Justice and of course The Beatles.

Q: What was your most memorable performance to date?
A: So many! probably one of the best, most fun shows ever was last years Honky Tonk Holiday Revue at The Commercial Drive Legion. Just such a great event supported by so many, amazing musicians and a great crowd!
Q: Do you have a dream performance - a particular place or person that you'd really love to play with or at?
A: Various Pubs around Europe, Vancouver Folk Festival main stage, The Commodore, Dear Lake Park with...Emmylou Harris or Steve Earle. Q: Is there a producer you'd really like to work with? A: I would work with Marc L'Esperance again anytime! I dunno, maybe Gurf Morlix or Bob Rock.

Q: And of course - the good ole Lottery Wish List question - if you won the lottery - what gear and/or equipment would you buy?
A: Being a singer I don't need a lot of gear, just a super nice platinum plated Shure 57 mic!
I would spend the money paying my favourite cherry picked musicians to play/tour with me. Oh, and an ultra deluxe touring bus so we could take it on the road.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Are you up?

I love this mechanical swimming girl at Kits Pool. The wind makes her swim. It is so beautifully made and her swimming movements are so perfect. I wonder who made her?
Things are going okay here at Belly Acres. I'm trying to keep it real but a lot of it is just fucked up. And a lot of it is really exciting and cool. Problem is, I can't talk about any of it here. It's too personal. For the moment anyway. Once things become resolved I promise I will let you in on it all. In the meantime, I could use a proper nights sleep.
With the heat and the fact that our bedroom is just soooo messy I am not getting decent sleeps and that must be resolved. I am thinking a lot about a new bed. I'm not saying our bed is bad it's just not good or bad. It's adequate. I keep hearing about new types of mattresses, rubber, foam, air, combinations of regular and memory foam. I even dream of going to a king size format but just the thought of having to by all new bedding discourages me. Even though I know we could fit a king bed in this bedroom you just never know about the next place we will live in. It would suck to have to change back to a queen. Still, all that room. Sigh.
When I first moved out on my own I had an old used mattress and box spring and we slept on that for the first 5 or 6 years until it became obvious that we needed to do something about it. We went to Sleep Country and bought a new bed that we couldn't really afford. They were nice enough to let us make monthly payments and the deal was done. I remember pushing the old mattress down the stairs to make room for the delivery of the new one and watching it practically disintegrate as it tumbled down the stairs. I don't even want to think about the dust mites.
On the day of delivery I waited with much excitement for our new landing pad to be delivered. I was so excited. Finally the guys showed up moved the bed into the bedroom and started to set it up. One small hitch, there were 2 box springs instead of a box spring and a mattress! I was so disappointed but the delivery guys just sorta shrugged and said I would probably get the mattress in a couple of days. A couple of days?! I'd thrown away the old bed and now they were telling me they couldn't help me for a couple of days. Well I was having none of it. I called the store and spoke to the guy who sold us the bed. I was pretty pissed by this time and he didn't really seem to care enough. That's when I decided to tell him if I didn't get my bed, that day, that I would be on the phone to head office so fast that heads would be a-spinning. We got our bed that very day, funny how it wasn't all that hard for them to accomplish after all. What should have been a happy exciting experience of buying our first large purchase together was marred by incompetence and poor customer service.
You've all heard the jingle, "Sleep Country Canada, I'd buy a mattress anywhere else."
Any suggestions? Do you love your bed? What kind is it and where did you get it?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Can I do it?

This pretty much sums up our Sunday. To be fair we haven't had a "sit on your fat ass all day" day in a long while. At least not together. Superman and I have been separated for a few weeks due to me house sitting for his Mom so we are just working on getting it together as an "us" again. It's not really a problem but I am a very independent person and sometimes I need to check in and make sure we are on the same page. The apartment is still a mess but I have managed to put a bit of a dent in the chaos. Still plenty to do but it's too hot in here to really work that hard.

Superman's band had a show last night at The Princeton pub. It was a pretty good show and he invited me up on stage for a song so that made it a lot of fun. It was a bit of a crazy vibe in that place last night I find it's been pretty easy to find the crazy these days. Maybe it's the heat? After the show we headed to a house party that we were invited to. There were a bunch of musicians there and we were told there would be lots of jamming. Fun! Except by the time we got there the police had already been around to shut down the outdoor jamming. The cops said they had 14 complaints. Folks just moved inside and started singing and playing. The police came again and the party was basically shut down, they were nice about it. I think it was about 2:30 or 3ish so we made our way home.

Jamming at parties can be fun but often it can take one person to ruin the whole thing. As was the case last night, one person, very drunk, thought they were singing along but really it was more like howling. Just a constant howling noise. And loud too. I've had people do this at gigs too. They honestly think they are singing along but really it's more of a broken wailing. I am all for inclusion but sometimes it makes it hard to, you know, make music. In a social setting you really can't say anything. It is what it is.

I'm off to Kits Pool again tomorrow. I am getting so much out of my daily swim. Exercise is only part of it. Just being outdoors in the sun, moving my body and enjoying the view. Definitely found my happy place.

Hope your weekend was great and your Monday even better. What?? It could happen.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

How's the water?

Spent Friday at Bunsen Lake with some lovely friends and a couple of their kids. It was very nice and the water? Cccccccold. But I swam in that sucker. Glacier fed. Refreshing. The picture above almost shows how truly beautiful the view is at this lake. If I turned to the right you would see that the small beach was littered with rug rats screaming and digging in the sand and generally having lots of summer fun.
I don't have kids so there are certain things that can't help but illustrate how different things are than when we were kids.
Sunscreen, OMG I saw kids running around with thick, white layers of sunscreen over every bit of exposed skin, not that there is much of that to be seen with long sleeved swim suits and all. I understand why. It amazes me how kids will just come to their moms stand in front of them and allow themselves to be smothered in the stuff, no fussing, no questions, it's their normal.
At one point, around the time that everybody seemed to decide it was lunchtime, including us, I saw something that cracked me up. Three boys around 10 or 11 were sitting by us on the beach in a big round blow up floaty thing eating their sandwiches and generally goofing off. One of their Moms decided to get a picture and while she was focusing in the kid in the middle told the kid next to him that his sandwich was stinky. They all started cutting up and the kid with the stinky sandwich looked confused and took a whiff of his sandwich and said, "What, it's prosciutto??"
I don't know why I thought it was so funny but I'm pretty sure that I never even heard the word prosciutto until I was in my late 20's. Later I saw the prosciutto kid swimming in the lake with a silver swim cap on his head. I didn't see anybody trying to beat him up either.
Oh yes, times have changed.
We stopped for an ice cream at a little store just outside the park gates. They actually had Tiger Stripe ice cream! That's orange with licorice stripes and I probably haven't had it since I was a little kid. Man, it was good.
Some things never change.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Last one in is a...?!

Me and the girls are blowing off work and going to the lake! I'm bringing potato salad and my floaty mattress. OOOOh I can't wait.
Swimming in a lake is an important goal that I need to fulfill every summer. There is just nothing like it. I will try to take some pictures and update this evening. Hope you are reaching some of your summer goals!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is that living?

Now that I have got all that emotional baggage out of the way, not to say that it's all done for me but I won't be subjecting you to it today. Time to move on.
I'm up damn early again today. Our place gets the early morning sun and the heat, brightness and noise from the traffic is not good for sleeps. I think I need to take a trip out to the local Swedish retailer and look at getting some light blocking curtains or something. After sleeping at my MIL I realize now how much sounder and more peaceful I sleep with some peace and quiet and it makes me wonder. I wonder about the damage it does to a person to constantly hear noise in their living environment. Let's not forget it's this season when some people feel like it's necessary to ride their super loud motorcycles around town. The other morning at about 5:30 or so we were treated to a motorcycle that was so loud it was setting off every car alarm it passed! An unbelievable noise. Woke us both up startled and we both wear earplugs to bed!
On the other hand living in the vibrant city is something I would have a hard time changing. I love being able to walk out the door and have gourmet grocery stores, funky clothing stores and tons of restaurants to chose from, all within blocks of my front door. There are also live music venues that are not only great to catch bands at but I play gigs at them regularly. I have one venue directly across the street from me?
Then there is this amazing building we live in.
That being said, living a block or two off the main drag would be so much quieter. And I think the grass might be greener too.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What are you grateful for?

Let's give that a try now. My previous post was all about the angries but I need to balance that out with something positive. I will never forget the day one of my Bffs called and told me she had a cancerous tumour on her cervix. She was newly married and a new Mom and it didn't seem possible. I remember feeling numb. I remember feeling like my life, as I had known it was changed forever. My life? What about her life?
Since that time there has been radiation, misdiagnosis, chemo, and progression, hope, no hope and alternative treatments. This is not the way it was supposed to be. It is supposed to be early detection, treatment, cures and sighs of relief. This journey I am taking with this woman I love and her family that feels like my family is rich and scary and we laugh and we cry.
Yesterday she had surgery and she came through it well and with it brings more hope.
She is brave and she has become more beautiful with every day.
She is fighting for her life.
I truly believe she will Kick Cancer's Ass!
I am lacing up my boots in case she needs a hand.
It helps me put things into perspective.
I am so grateful.

You want a piece of me?

So many feelings today it's hard to sort through them. Woke up in an unpleasant way and was in tears within 10 minutes. Had a big bawl and was comforted by Superman and then he turned around and made it worse. Then I was sad and mad. Fuck!
Bff called and I burst into tears again, told her the whole story and received some comfort. Then we decided to go to Kits Pool and swim some laps and talk things through. It was the right thing to do Bff is also a member of my family and my troubles are coming from my clan so it's just good to be able to talk to someone who knows the history, is a great listener and has good mental health advice for me. Getting exercise at a time like this is also great. Relieves stress and gets my mind somewhere else.
Frustration! I fucking hate being misunderstood and email is so evil sometimes. Things get taken out of context and with the wrong tone and intention far too often. Oh yes and things that are said can not be taken back after the send button is pressed so you better be sure. I had some pretty horrible shit thrust at me last night and I tell you I didn't handle it well. I shoved some right back. Enough already, it's not a fucking contest to see whose feelings are the most hurt. Who wants to win that one? Not me.
I'm angry, surprised, disappointed, flabbergasted, misunderstood, disrespected, discouraged and feeling violated. Did I mention I am pissed off?
This is the second time this year that I have ended up in an email war with someone and let me tell you they only get worse as they progress, not better. I have to take some responsibility for not learning my lesson the first time. Lesson learned. Never again.
Oh and Facebook is the spawn of the devil. A playground for passive aggressive bullshit.
Here's my Facebook status- Barb is...Fuck You!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Who won? Me?

It's been a while since I blogged and I have a lot of catching up to do.
First of all I won a super cute gifty from my good friend Cyn over at Big Girl Feet to celebrate her 3rd year blogoversary! She has always been such an inspiration to me. You have to check out her fabulous blog, she is a crafty one alright. In the package there was a super cute reto patterned cloth shopping bag, made by hand. Also some Ginger Twist tea and sweet Cinnamon Spice tea. She also included a mixed cd with some geat cruising tunes, perfect for driving around town on hot summer days. I know because I did it today! I also love the tape that sealed the envelope it all came in. What exactly is Cram Cream? Sounds dirty.
Thanks for all you do Big Girl Feet!!!!

How cool is this?

How cool is this? Boomchix on sale right here! This widget can be easily added to any html website or blog, facebook and/or myspace page to help promote our debut album "Surprise Surprize". There are image links on the top which allows the user to securely buy and download single mp3's or the whole CD, join our mailing list and/or get the embed code. Pretty cool - check it out!