Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is that living?

Now that I have got all that emotional baggage out of the way, not to say that it's all done for me but I won't be subjecting you to it today. Time to move on.
I'm up damn early again today. Our place gets the early morning sun and the heat, brightness and noise from the traffic is not good for sleeps. I think I need to take a trip out to the local Swedish retailer and look at getting some light blocking curtains or something. After sleeping at my MIL I realize now how much sounder and more peaceful I sleep with some peace and quiet and it makes me wonder. I wonder about the damage it does to a person to constantly hear noise in their living environment. Let's not forget it's this season when some people feel like it's necessary to ride their super loud motorcycles around town. The other morning at about 5:30 or so we were treated to a motorcycle that was so loud it was setting off every car alarm it passed! An unbelievable noise. Woke us both up startled and we both wear earplugs to bed!
On the other hand living in the vibrant city is something I would have a hard time changing. I love being able to walk out the door and have gourmet grocery stores, funky clothing stores and tons of restaurants to chose from, all within blocks of my front door. There are also live music venues that are not only great to catch bands at but I play gigs at them regularly. I have one venue directly across the street from me?
Then there is this amazing building we live in.
That being said, living a block or two off the main drag would be so much quieter. And I think the grass might be greener too.

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