Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mission accomplished?

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Today BFF and I went to Mission to visit a some friends who sold their place in Vancouver and moved to the country for a new way of life. You can get a lot of house in Mission for what it costs to live in Vancouver. Tempting though it is I don't think I am quite ready to leave the "Big Smoke". It is obvious that the lifestyle suits our friends perfectly. It makes me so happy for them. We had a lovely lunch with some great company and when it was time to leave my belly hurt from laughing so much. We were also celebrating a couple of birthdays so we brought our favourite cake. I always forget how to say it in German but it translates as "Beesting". A truly yummy cake with fresh cream and custard and a crunchy almond topping and the lightest of cakes.
Our friends have an amazing collection of tikki decor and monkey art, I love it all. Especially the hula girl lamp ( she really dances!) and all of our hostesses original art of course.
Lovely, talented people. Sometimes work connections turn into great friendships, it's rare but it happens.

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Big Girl Feet said...

Thank you so much for coming all the way out here- it was a blast as always!! We miss seeing you more often... :))

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