Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where's the party?

Happy Birthday Erin!
I have decided to use more names in my blog. I even find it confusing to say BFF all the time without being able to say who is who. I don't really think it matters but I wanted to ease into this thing a little with anonymity to start and maybe more details about my life as it feels comfortable. This way I can promote their businesses, talents, blogs and websites too.
We had a lovely time on Thursday night at Erin and Paul's place, the first yard/bbq party of the summer and it had all the elements. Great weather, lots of yummy food, good friends we haven't seen in a long time, new people to meet and of course the loveliest of birthday girls. All good! Thanks guys!
This weekend is the big Pemberton Music Festival. There was a time when I would be all over this kind of event but there is no way in hell you could get me up there at this stage of my life. I don't need to be in a remote area with over 40, 000 people, nothing to do my business in but a blue plastic pissy/poopy hotbox and a 10'x 10' camping area to call home. Are you fucking kidding me?? There are so many restrictions at this event, you can't bring in your own booze you have to buy on sight, not a bad idea I guess but I imagine it would be an expensive little outing when you tally it all up. The weather report is calling for rain tomorrow. If I went it would rain for sure. I am convinced that global warming really started in earnest when I threw away my tent. I had about an 80% chance of rain whenever I set it up. It was uncanny. It got to the point that whenever there were freak rain storms in the middle of summer my mother would call me after and ask if I was camping. Why else would it rain for no reason. The last time we camped, we went to sleep in the warm summer night and woke up to a torrential rainforest downpour. We had to pack everything up and into the car to catch a ferry. I was drying out the tent in the living room of our apartment for a week. That's when I decided I was done. I would love some sort of camping house, how about that little trailer in my header?? That would be perfect. I think I would make a good RVer too. Maybe one day. Until then it's staying at friends houses or motel/hotels. I've earned it.
Tonight we are going to a rockin' house party. Some of Vancouver's legendary Rockabilly, Roots musicians will be there and these parties are always interesting and fun. I'll tell you all about it on Sunday.
Yup, summer is in full swing! I hope my liver can stand a little more.
Cheers Ya'll!!!

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