Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Did you axe me somthin'?

Today I was contacted by some friends of mine from Your Vancouver Roots (YVR) Productions BC Indie Music to do an interview for a podcast called Ladies Night. My partner in crime was asked the same questions as me but I haven't seen her answers yet. I thought I would share my answers here but you can listen to the whole podcast here. We released our first album last year and I've been having a lot of fun with the band for years. You can listen here if you like.
I'm a bit lazy so I figured I already wrote a bunch of stuff I might just as well post it here.
You can buy a copy of the cd here. Or check out our MySpace page here.
Okay, enough shameless promotion. Carry on.

Here ya go -

Q: When did you first start getting into music, and what or whom inspired you to do so?

A: I was inspired by my family. My Dad loved music and would call me over to the stereo to really listen to songs that moved him, Elvis, Roy Orbison, the Hollies, The Eagles. My Dad had a few friends who were musicians and we would have jam parties when I was a kid. We were allowed to participate and stay up late because we enjoyed it so much. My older brother started playing guitar and taking lessons when he was about 9, I was 6 and I always liked singing so I was learning harmony at a young age. I started singing in choirs in the first grade and continued to do so until I finished high school. From the grade 9-12 I was singing in a professional jazz choir all around town. I was in my first band at 15, it was a country band called The Ramblin' Rose Band. It featured my brother on bass and two other brothers on guitar and drums. Good times.

Q: Did you have any formal training - either in singing or in playing guitar/mandolin?

A: Most of my vocal training was in school singing in choirs and doing solos with the jazz band etc. Some of the most intense training I had took place when I was chosen to be in British Columbia Honour Choir two years in a row. They would choose the top 100 choir students in BC and bring in guest conductors from large American Universities. We would be billeted in different cities and our teaching workshops would be attended by music teachers from all over BC. The final concerts would be performed in large concert halls. I picked up the mandolin just a few years ago and taught myself a couple of cords. Still so much to learn there.

Q: When did you form the BoomChix, and how did that come to be?
A: 2000. Janice and I were feeling a little left out by the boys and decided to get together on our own and learn some songs. We'd show them. We had been singing together for a long time already, including another band for 7 years.

Q: Is there a particular artist whose really had a big impact/influence on you as a performer? Who - and why?
A: There are many, in the beginning we were influenced by The Indigo Girls. I remember being blown away by Blue Rodeo shows at The Commodore. R.E.M, Steve Earle, Lone Justice and of course The Beatles.

Q: What was your most memorable performance to date?
A: So many! probably one of the best, most fun shows ever was last years Honky Tonk Holiday Revue at The Commercial Drive Legion. Just such a great event supported by so many, amazing musicians and a great crowd!
Q: Do you have a dream performance - a particular place or person that you'd really love to play with or at?
A: Various Pubs around Europe, Vancouver Folk Festival main stage, The Commodore, Dear Lake Park with...Emmylou Harris or Steve Earle. Q: Is there a producer you'd really like to work with? A: I would work with Marc L'Esperance again anytime! I dunno, maybe Gurf Morlix or Bob Rock.

Q: And of course - the good ole Lottery Wish List question - if you won the lottery - what gear and/or equipment would you buy?
A: Being a singer I don't need a lot of gear, just a super nice platinum plated Shure 57 mic!
I would spend the money paying my favourite cherry picked musicians to play/tour with me. Oh, and an ultra deluxe touring bus so we could take it on the road.

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