Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mr Clean????

I took the day off to do some house cleaning and I am just about as frustrated as I could be. I don't know how it got so damn dirty in here and I am not applying myself like I sometimes do and getting it all done at once. I am distracted and disinterested and pissed off.

My cock-a-doody vacuum cleaner is not working. I have never had good luck with these stupid contraptions and it seems paying a little more and getting a real vacuum cleaner doesn't make a damn difference. I swear to God the bloody thing gave up the ghost the minute the warranty timed out.

It's a Bissell upright and it's about as useless as tits on a bull. How much do you have to pay to get a half decent vacuum cleaner? I could probably get this one repaired but I don't like the way it cleans anyway so what's the point. Oh, it sucks, but the brush doesn't turn now. WTF?

I just spent an hour scooting around the kitchen on my ass sucking up bits of dirt with the crevasse tool.

That does it, I am going to tidy up and have the cleaning service come in to do a proper job then it's off to buy a new vacuum cleaner I guess. Anybody have a vacuum they would recommend? It helps if it pulls itself out of the closet when I'm not here and gives the place a going over. I would settle for one that works and doesn't seem to just blow the dust around. And no uprights. Never again.
Gah! I am procrastinating. And another thing...

Just kidding. Getting back to work now.

I was looking for an image to go with this post and typed in "frustrated housewife", WOW, soooo much porno.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

How much do you need to spend? About $1500 on an Electrolux. I've got 2 - one from the 70s and one from the 80s and they both STILL work. The one from the 80s is in top form, but when it dies, I will happily shell out the bucks for a new one.

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

My Mom had an Electrolux too. They are excellent, and expensive. Tempting.

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