Saturday, July 12, 2008

How's the water?

Spent Friday at Bunsen Lake with some lovely friends and a couple of their kids. It was very nice and the water? Cccccccold. But I swam in that sucker. Glacier fed. Refreshing. The picture above almost shows how truly beautiful the view is at this lake. If I turned to the right you would see that the small beach was littered with rug rats screaming and digging in the sand and generally having lots of summer fun.
I don't have kids so there are certain things that can't help but illustrate how different things are than when we were kids.
Sunscreen, OMG I saw kids running around with thick, white layers of sunscreen over every bit of exposed skin, not that there is much of that to be seen with long sleeved swim suits and all. I understand why. It amazes me how kids will just come to their moms stand in front of them and allow themselves to be smothered in the stuff, no fussing, no questions, it's their normal.
At one point, around the time that everybody seemed to decide it was lunchtime, including us, I saw something that cracked me up. Three boys around 10 or 11 were sitting by us on the beach in a big round blow up floaty thing eating their sandwiches and generally goofing off. One of their Moms decided to get a picture and while she was focusing in the kid in the middle told the kid next to him that his sandwich was stinky. They all started cutting up and the kid with the stinky sandwich looked confused and took a whiff of his sandwich and said, "What, it's prosciutto??"
I don't know why I thought it was so funny but I'm pretty sure that I never even heard the word prosciutto until I was in my late 20's. Later I saw the prosciutto kid swimming in the lake with a silver swim cap on his head. I didn't see anybody trying to beat him up either.
Oh yes, times have changed.
We stopped for an ice cream at a little store just outside the park gates. They actually had Tiger Stripe ice cream! That's orange with licorice stripes and I probably haven't had it since I was a little kid. Man, it was good.
Some things never change.

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