Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hitting the road?

So.... I am obsessed. I get like this sometimes. Fixated on one thing. I spend hours and hours thinking about it and looking at it on the internet. I fantasize about it and imagine it is real and figure out how to make it happen and if it's the least bit possible. I dreamt about it last night again. I now know what it is I want and have narrowed it down to the exact thing.
What I want is one of these...

This one belongs to my friends Joe and Shannon and I must admit I am coveting this little puppy. It's a BOLER trailer and it is distinctly Canadian. They were only manufactured in Canada from 1968-1971 it is estimated that there were only 7,000 to 10,000 units made.

A lot of these babies have been sitting under tarps in peoples yards or garages for many years and need a lot of TLC to make them pretty again. I think That would be a pretty fun project.

Boler trailers are made of fiberglass and the insides are made with something called Ensolite, this product had been developed by Uniroyal and was being used in the cockpits of airplanes at the time. They are only 13 feet long, extremely lightweight and don't require a truck to pull them. I have seen pictures from the seventies with one being towed by a VW Beatle. They were designed for a small family but I think they would be perfect for a couple.

Isn't it just perfect?

I love this little trailer and I will figure out a way to have one by next summer. I figure at the end of every summer there are a lot of hard decisions made about keeping the old camping trailer or getting rid of it and upgrading. I'm not quite ready to get one yet but the wheels have started turning.

I must have it. But how???

1 comment:

michelle said...

have you seen these?

i drive by a camper/rv dealer quite often and totally want one of these little trailers ... i haven't camped in 4 years, but i would if i could be this cute while doing it!

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