Thursday, July 17, 2008

Can I have one more?

Can I just tell you... My life is blessed.
My friends are awesome and I am just so grateful. The last two nights we had a BFF staying with us. Her husband passed away a few weeks ago, from cancer (fuck you cancer), she is doing pretty well. You know, she's sad and a little depressed but she's living her life and being so real and courageous about it. Her strength through this whole thing has been so amazing and inspirational and we can all only hope to get through something so horrible and do it with such grace and class. I feel so lucky to have witnessed one of my peers set the benchmark for grace under pressure. I only hope I can live up to and take inspiration from her if and when I have to deal with anything so difficult. I love her.
This morning we went to the pool with my other BFF and we had such a nice time just chatting and swimming and soaking up the sun. So good.
When I finished work today I checked in with two more of my BFFs and realized that they were both going through some pretty heavy emotional stuff, you know, men, relationships, sadness and anxiety. There was only one thing to do, have a girls night. We decided, last minute to go to a movie, Sex In The City seemed the logical choice.
We met at the theatre and were all a little out of sorts due to debris from the day. We bought our snacks and sat down to watch the movie. We laughed and we cried and we related to everything, except maybe the clothes. I love the fashion on SITC, it's ridiculous and fun like art to me.
After the movie we went to an Italian "Soul Food" restaurant next door to the theatre and that's when it hit us all. We could so relate to so many things in the movie. I am not embarrassed to say we sat down and ordered Cosmopolitans at $8 a pop, we had a few and they were good. We drank cocktails and talked about our stuff and we laughed and we cried and we snuck ( I know "snuck" isn't a word but I don't know better word) drags on a cigarette on the outdoor patio, something that is punishable by death in Vancouver. I swear to God, the stuff we talked about was more crazy and interesting than any plot from any movie.
I came away from this evening a little tipsy, yes but even more important I feel a real appreciation for the friends that I have. I know that we will be truly there for each other as we age and go through weddings, divorces, funerals, new loves, break ups, kids, no kids and all that shit we haven't even thought of yet.
What I know is this, I have good friends that I love very much and who love me back. I have friends I can trust and I know that we can be there for each other no matter what. I look forward to more laughs and tears and trips and parties and stories and heartaches and music, and joyful times with these people. I look forward to aging but never growing up with these people.
I guess, like many, I have a few over priced cocktails and start telling my friends how much I loves 'em.
To all my BFF's I love you.
Yah, I know, you love me too.
Drinks tomorrow night? I'm there.


Robin Pollak said...

We LOVE you too BarbaJ!!! ANd BTW what the heck does BFF stand for? I clearly am a little slow on these anachronisms...heh heh...

Charlotte had to poop her pants to elevate Carrie - all I had to do was f__t!


bodalorna said...

Yup! Best friends forever:) There you go Robin. I guess you could come up with some more original ideas for that one? Thanks for the words Barbie - I love you too!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Thank God for that.

Chrissandra said...

Great blog Barbie!

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