Saturday, July 19, 2008

How is it?

Aw summer. It's been a good one so far. Just a quick post before we head out to friends place to do some singin' and playin' and drinkin'. That's right we don't need the letter "g" to have fun!

Footloose is on right now and Kevin Bacon is just about to go to the town council meeting. Superman thinks they will dance and change every ones mind.

Whenever anybody kisses on TV Superman yells "SMOOCHIE!" at the screen in a slightly odd way. It can be unsettling. Sometimes I think I am marrying an eight year old. But other times...

We had a nice day today. We drove down to Commercial Drive and went to our favourite music store Bone Rattle. Of course we both found expensive things we wanted to buy. We managed to control our urges and went to a nice little restaurant called TIMBRE and had Greyhounds and yummy sandwiches.

Well my friends, off to do some jamming. Talk to you tomorrow and have fun out there.

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