Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another wedding??

Check THIS out!

I know I'm not the only one who is upset by this. I mean, after all these years Archie is getting married and guess who he chose? That's right, he chose the raven haired rich bitch Veronica. I know that Betty and Veronica are the same face with different colour hair so we know it's not a physical thing. I guess it turns out Archie has a thing for girls who treat him and everyone else like shit, are spoiled rotten and are just not very nice. Oh yes, and she's rich too.

I am so disapointed that Archie didn't choose Betty. Don't you think that girls around the world would have felt just a little bit happier to know that being a kind and considerate person actually does pay off in the end?

That being said, I never really thought that Archie was that big of a catch anyway. He's kind of stupid, he's not that good looking and he played with Betty's affections for years.

Maybe Betty is the winner here. She can finally go find a real man (or woman) and marry so she can loose her virginity too. After all they are 16 years old.

I just can't quite figure out the message that is being given here.

I wonder who it will be?

God no, not Reggie!!


Blonde Goddess said...

You're fecking kidding me, right?
Veronica is a cold fish.
Archie will end up cheating on her with Betty in the future...mark my words!

My Little Corner said...

Maybe he's hoping that is his best chance for a threesome?

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