Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wasn't that a party?

Best. Weekend. Ever. We had it. Our favourite friends from the island came to visit this weekend and we had such a great time! They are both fine musicians so there was much jamming and joy had by all. They got here in the early afternoon on Saturday and since it was lovely weather we sat outside in the yard all afternoon. We barbecued and had some margaritas and lots of laughs and then the party really started in earnest. Superman wanted a big jam party so I let him take care of the invites and he did a very good job. At the peak of the party we figure there was about 40 people here! This house is just right for big parties and it never felt out of control or overly crowded. In fact I feel much more confidant that 50-60 wedding guests will work out just fine for us here. I must say I feel relieved. Among our many friends that did come over were some of the best country picken' musicians in town and at one point I counted three stand up basses and dozens of guitars, at least one banjo and an acordian, it was so exciting to have so many amazing players in our home. The mood was just happy and everybody was thrilled to be outside for the first decent weekend evening of the year. Happy, happy people and they all went home by 3 or so so there were no overly drunk hangers ons either. Sunday morning we awoke to a sunny, gorgeous day and ended up back in the yard. After another BBQ the instruments came out again and much bluegrassing ensued. We just played music and sang songs all afternoon and then ordered in some amazing Thai food for dinner, then more jamming. Blissful times for all I think and I can't wait to do more of the same all summer long. I hope my neighbours like music.
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Anonymous said...

fun fun fun fun fun fun fun! Did I mention how much fun that was? Thanks for everything Barb - I know I was co-hosting, but felt I really didn't do much other than party and jam! What a great bunch of people!

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