Thursday, May 7, 2009

How Blue?

Yesterday I went to see my Mom and we had an early Mother's Day. It was so nice, we started talking about wedding plans and such and I told her I wanted old glass on my tables and the next thing you know we had uncovered her fabulous blue glass collection. There is a little bit of everything there from old Bromo Seltzer bottles and perfume bottles, old Noxema jars hand blown balls and squares, birds, eggs and tall vases. I have always loved this glass and I think it will look so pretty on the tables in the yard with blooms popping out everywhere.

My Mom collects a few different kinds of glass. She has pink glass and red glass and milk glass it looks so pretty all over her house. She knows just how to group it together and it never looks cluttered and dusty. The blue glass was all tucked away though and I think it was time to dust it off and let it shine. I felt bad just leaving it all there for my Mom to figure out what to do with it all until we need it in September. She'll probably enjoy looking at it for a couple of days before she tucks it away

She also pulled up this little couple who may just have to be spruced up for another go around. They haven't done a lick of work since 1961 and they look like they are ready to party.

We also looked at her guestbook and all the cards they were given and who gave them what wedding gifts. Then looked at the original bill for her wedding invitations and napkins, 75 invitations= $14.00 and some change. All things being relative it felt like lot of money back then I think.

I need to focus on what is ahead and happier times but it's nice to remember the past and how it all started.

Thanks Mom.

So, I need to plan a wedding. It's good!

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My Little Corner said...

Your mom's cobalt glass collection is beautiful. Your wedding sounds very lovely. I can't wait to follow along.

bodalorna said...

Loving the blue...and you! Looking forward to catching up this week...and seeing what the future holds:)

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