Thursday, April 9, 2009

You heart your WHAT?

I managed to shoot this picture yesterday as I was stopped at a light. I have edited the photo to protect the guy but geez. Yes, the thing hanging off his rear view mirror says I Heart My Penis. I am surprised I haven't seen this on t-shirts and bumper stickers before. Don't all guys love their penises? I believe that they do. Good for you guy! Now the tough part is finding someone else to love his penis too.
Good luck with the little fella!
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Rawkin' said...

Bahahahaa I love it :)

as for the little fella, he's on his own with that one...

(Hey there, Woman!!)


My Little Corner said...

I guess so, because my husband has that as a magnet on our fridge! And every guy that comes into our house laughs at it and the guys exchange some sort of secret look girls don't understand!

PS - thanks for your support on my blog.

Evil Twin's Wife said...


Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Hey There Lucie!! Thanks for saying Hi! I love your avatar.

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