Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who do you love?

My Mom and Dad came to town for a visit today and it was so good to see them! It was fun showing them the new house and having Mom take a tour through the garden with me so I could figure out what has to be done out there. We had a yummy lunch and took a little drive around the neighbourhood to see all the pretty flowers and buds. They also brought me this cute little table that fits perfectly in the kitchen. It has a fold down table top so I can adjust it to any size I need. The cool folding chairs the old owners left us work really well with it too. My Mom brought me some of my old photos, some I would like to scan and show you one day. She also brought me home made buns and hand made cards from my niece that are super cute, some candles, some red glass candle globes a pottery ring to put flowers in and a crystal heart candle holder. All in all it was such a great day. I miss my Mom and Dad a lot sometimes but we always enjoy each others company when we are together. I'm a lucky girl.
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Anonymous said...

We love you so much makes me feel good to see you so happy' I think you are in a good happy place in your life. we had great day . love mom and dad.

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Awww, thanks Mom.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

It's nice that you all have such a good relationship. That table is adorable!

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