Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How cool is this??

Yesterday I went to Winners/Homesense and had a good look around. It's tempting to spend money on household things now that we are in the new house and there is so much room. I don't really need a lot though and I need to save my money for the wedding so I didn't get much. I picked up a cookie sheet, a pair of pants and this pretty baking dish. I just love the colour and it's a perfect size for our household of two plus whoever. I made a yummy Shepherds Pie and invited a friend to share, she brought a delicious dessert. We had a nice evening as she also brought her big floppy, puppy dog over. I really like dogs and Cooper is no exception but I sure can see how much work they are and how much happiness they bring.

I also picked up these cool ice cube trays that make an acoustic guitar a electric guitar and a bass! I couldn't wait to fill them up and pop them out of the silicone trays. They look really cool, they are quite big and you use them in your drinks instead of ice cubes. We were thinking they would look great if we made them with iced tea or something red or blue. Easily amused, we are.

I started this post this morning and now I'm finishing it after dinner. We had the leftover Shepherd's pie with homemade biscuits and had fresh fruit for dessert. Just in case you were wondering. What did you have for your Tuesday dinner or supper or whatever you call it?

We are starting to plan the wedding, we talked about it during dinner. I think we've come up with the style of wedding we want, now we better get going. I will share details as they emerge.


bodalorna said...

romaine hearts, feta cheese, dates, fresh bread, red onion, cucumber, goat cheese and a bottle of prosecco. al fresco! yummm!
oh, did I mention that the car battery died on the ferry and we had to get a jump before we could drive off?!?!?! yep, that happened!
i love the guitar ice cubes:)

Blonde Goddess said...

I love the guitar ice cubes too. They're awesome!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Those ice cubes are great! I love the baking dish too - it is a cool color. I have some Fiestaware (plates, etc) in that color.

My Little Corner said...

Dinner sounds yummy and thos guitars are the coolest!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

BL- That sounds super yummy!
BG- I think so too!
ETW- I LOVE Fiestaware and you showed some of your collection off before. It's amazing!
MLC- Hi! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Love the ice cube trays Barb. For dinner Tues. we had a delicious (I must say) chicken and veg stir-fry over chow mein noodles. Noodles good for filing boy's hollow leg.

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