Friday, February 13, 2009

Are you feeling lucky?

I don't really believe in luck. Not luck that can become bad because of the number on a calendar or when you say it's nice it's not raining and someone tells you not to say that because then it will start raining. I don't believe I'm that powerful. I do, however believe in the power of positive thinking and visualizing what you want or need and believing it can be achieved. I believe someone recently tried to capitalize on this idea by releasing dvd's and books called "The Secret". Now, even though I think I already knew how to do it, I call it "secreting", it's really just hoping and wishing and knowing that it could come true. That's how I feel about our move and the new house. Now I'm secreting a solution to our issue of having to rent out the basement suite and making that all work out. And the money, I'm hoping that works too but I believe it can and I am opening up my mind and wallet to any money that's coming my way. Now would be a good time... Any time now would be good...just come on down. I really do think it will all work out.

Yesterday I was in a meeting with Lorna looking at a leather purse line for next season. I was sitting on an office type chair with wheels and reached down to grab my purse that was a few feet away from where I was sitting. Do you know what happened next?? Yup, the chair rolled out from under me and I was deposited firmly on my ass. Our host was mortified, she felt terrible, the young apprentice student who was sitting in on the meeting also looked horrified, Lorna didn't even laugh. They were all worried about weather or not I was hurt and if I was okay. So I said, " You can laugh!" but they didn't. I wasn't hurt so I got back in my chair and the meeting continued. After the meeting Lorna and I went to use the bathroom and that's when we started to laugh and laugh. I have a bad habit of doing strange things in business meetings (mostly in bank meetings, like stealing office supplies when no one's looking or the one time I involuntarily made a fart noise with my mouth and then said to the banker that it was "just my mouth", who does shit like that?) so she was wondering what I would do at our next scheduled meeting at a business enterprise association. I managed to behave myself.

I have a gig tonight with Boomchix, it's right across the street from our place. I will miss the convenience of this apartment but I am ready to go. It'll feel great to Rock Out tonight.

Wish me luck! Or whatever...


My Little Corner said...

Barb - thanks for the nice comment on my blog - I got mine template from "",there are free templates and others for $5, they give full instructions on how to do it (very easy)

Also, I agree with you - positive things is very powerful (and so is negative thinking). I love how you find humour in these things and I'm glad you weren't hurt. I'm sure what you do in business meetings makes you memorable and works well for you.
Don't go changin' my friend! (but you can change your blog template if you want to -like you need my permission!)

bodalorna said...

I'm soooo laughing with you NOW! I love Denise's comment about you being memorable in meetings - I guess that's a good thing??? Funny girl!
Love the new look - and keep secret-ing (that's not secrete-ing!!!) and good luck with filling your space:)

My Little Corner said...

Squee! I love your blog layout! I picked that one at first too, but switched to orange after - too cool. I love it!

And I agree with Lorna - secreting, not secreteing, that couldl be your next tag line!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Thanks for the heads up on
What a great website!!

Chrissandra said...

I loved this blog... I'm going to start secreting too! I'm also going to check out too!
Happy Valentines!

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