Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yesterday we went over to the new house and signed the final lease agreement and chose what furniture we wanted to stay in the house and what should go. I managed to get a nice look at the back yard and discovered a little herb garden and a very mature bunch of shrubs, trees and flowers that are already budding. I can't wait. I wish I was there now because today is just one of those days when you want to be outside. That yard is screaming for a badminton set, don't you think?

Covered parking for two cars and lots of parking on the street for when you come to visit.
I'm keeping this chair. I love the feel in this room, the master bedroom.
I am also in love with this chandelier, it has white porcelain roses sproinging out of it.

Let the obsessing begin!!
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My Little Corner said...

It looks like you're going to have a very nice spring and summer.
What a wonderfull feeling home.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love it! It looks perfect. Now, just to wait for moving day, huh?

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

I've already started packing.

Anonymous said...

Wow - was a huge yard! The place looks immaculate. I don't know about that lamp, though - you're pretty talented so I'm sure you could make it work in any space - don't hang it too low though, someone could lose an eye - especially me! LOL

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Don't worry Jess, you're the same height as Superman so I know to be careful. He's already taken way to many blows to the head.
I heard it causes brain damage.

Anonymous said...

oh, that might esplain LOL

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