Monday, February 2, 2009

Do you see what I see?

I spent Thursday night on the 29th floor of a swanky hotel in the heart of downtown Vancouver. My good friend Chrissandra was in town for a visit and we met up for some wine and catching up. The room was very nice but imagine my surprise when I saw this telescope in the room. The funny thing was, the telescope wasn't really that powerful and the only thing that you could really focus in on was the apartment building directly across from where we were. We took a little walk around the hotel later in the evening and we realized something, the rooms in the tower we were in had smoked windows so no one would know if someone were standing there looking in on you as you went about your business in the apartments across the way. As you may have guessed a lot of the apartments had their curtains open too.
I just wonder if they know? Is it just a voyeur/exhibitionists dream?
I just wonder...
We didn't really see much.
Not much.


Big Girl Feet said...

Heh! remember that night at Norm & my old apartment when you & Lorna were over and we saw quite the show in the suite directly across from us? hehe!
did I tell you the next time I saw the dude over there sitting on the toilet (yes we could see right into their bathroom and saw waaaay too much waaay too often- LOL!) and he was obviously looking back at us so I waved at him-he slammed the door shut. after that the curtains were drawn 24/7. But I did see them on the street after that and they kinda slunk away...hah!!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

I DO remember that! Funny! There must be a happy medium somewhere when you live so close to other people. Right now we are on the fourth floor with no one across so it's pretty private. If someone wanted to look in through the windows they can from their patio on either side of us. I just assume they won't bother.

My Little Corner said...

I guess it depends. I've been in hotels and appartments with the curtains open but didn't really care because they really didn't know who I was anyway. If it was like the story Cyn told (above) then yes, I'd be shutting my curtains for sure!

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