Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday's gone with the wind.

Yesterday Lorna and I had our cover shoot for Today's Vancouver Woman magazine. We went to a studio, had our hair and make up done, had people dress us and accessorise us and then the shooting began. They started out with what they called a fashion shot, trying to keep to the formula of fashion magazine photos. The photographer was literally telling us to move your toe that way and bend this knee, not that knee and there wasn't a lot of smiling involved either. Did I happen to mention that we aren't models? I'm only going to say this once--Modeling is hard!
The shoot lasted for 4 hours and when we left the studio I was tired and my face was done up like a $10 whore. Of course Superman told me not to wash my face until he got to see my false eyelashes so I kept them on and took the picture above to prove it. I can't believe how normal the make-up looks in the photo because it looked really dramatic and dark to me. I just had to trust in this process and let the professionals tell me what to do and hope for a good result. The issue comes out in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know.
SM was heading out after dinner so I got to preparing some spaghetti with spicy Italian sausage and marinara sauce. It looked good and smelled good so I took a picture because I liked how quickly the meal came together and I was so looking forward to it.
We sat down to eat, I filled my plate and then wished out loud for a glass of wine thinking we didn't have any. SM told me we had some wine and then jumped up and got me a glass. I was feeling pretty happy and just as I was reaching for the wine, this happened.
It just happened so fast. I knocked the glass into my plate and it just smashed. There was glass in my food and glass in that pasta that you see above my plate too. It was funny, neither of us said a word. SM grabbed me the roll of paper towels and I cleaned up the wine running across the table, still not a word was said. When I was done cleaning up SM said "You should take a picture so you can blog about it." Then we started laughing.
After he went out I ate a bowl of granola. Oh well, there's still sauce left over for tonight maybe I'll try again.
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Juicy said...

Awwww - bummer. I did that to a meal when Nathan was really little (like 3). I made such a big deal out of his favourite casserole and then proceeded to drop a full glass ashtray beside it - sending shards and ashes and butts into the casserole. He cried for hours - literally - hours! Nothing would appease him. Wine appeased me. LOL

My Little Corner said...

oh no! Sorry to hear about your glass-tastrophe! And you both handled it so well - how sweet.

I think you look absolutely gorgeous in that photo. What looks heavy in real life doesn't show up the same way on the camera. You have very nice skin though too, so healthy and youthful.
Don't you just love the look of false eyelashes? Not comfortable to wear but they look pretty. (Are you going to wear them for your wedding?)
Congratulations on your successful modeling day. I hope to see the photos/magazine.

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Juicy- that's a pretty tragic story. One time I made a huge chicken pot pie and asked SM to bring it to the table and it slid off the plate and smeared itself across a dirty floor. I didn't handle that one so well.
MLC-Thanks for your sweet compliment:)
I do love false eyelashes, I can't get them on by myself though. Might be fun for the wedding. hmmmmm?

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