Thursday, February 5, 2009

Suck it up.

Yesterday I met Superman for lunch at this fabulous little diner that is close to his work. It seemed I woke up hungry after my little dinner accident the night before. This diner is one of those places where they know who you are after the first visit. When I told the waitress I was waiting for someone the owner had to remind her that I was waiting for "Soup and Toast", that would be Superman.
I had to do some running around for work stuff and then came home to pick up my broken vacuum cleaner to take to the repair shop a block and a half away. I have an almost knew Bissel upright bag less vacuum that I don't like. It turns out it had a broken belt so for $10 they will fix it and then I will sell it on craigslist. The old guy in the repair/sales shop was totally flustered especially when I told him I wanted to buy a new vacuum. He kept on muttering that he didn't know anything about anything and that he didn't know where everybody was and that he only worked 2 days a week and he shouldn't be dealing with this stuff because he had a lot of repairs to do. He did show me a little canister vac that he said they sold a lot of, it was cheap but super powerful and nice and small so I can store it in my tiny apartment. I told him I would take it but he told me he didn't know how much it was so he couldn't sell it to me. ummmm. I was hoping to come home and clean my filthy floors soooooo, can you find out? Sure enough someone else eventually came out from the back and told me the price. The thing I thought was weird was he said."The best price I can give you is $50." Like I was asking for a deal, or was trying to negotiate a better price or something. I wasn't sure if I should feel like I was getting a deal or getting ripped off. As it stands I checked the internet when I got home and I thing I might have paid a little more that I should have. Not much, just a little. It was worth it for the convenience and I do believe in shopping locally so I don't really mind.
I was finally able to vacuum and I steam cleaned all my floors and I just feel so much better about myself as a person now.
I threw the leftover spaghetti sauce in a casserole with macaroni and lots of cheese and baked it till it was yummy. Dinner was good too. Then we watched a movie , Zack and Miri Make a Porno, I thought it was pretty funny. One or two jokes crossed the line for me but still pretty funny and cute.
That was my exciting Wednesday!!


Anonymous said...

can you please stick to the question format for your post titles? It's confusing when you are not axeing us anything...

Gorehound1313 said...

Hey Barb, you lucky gal. You've been tagged follow the link

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ahhh, nothing like getting a job that's been nagging at you finished up.

Also, I follow you, but I don't get your blog updates on my Blogger dashboard like the others, so I never know when to come and read. I wonder why that is? Do you have an RSS feed?

My Little Corner said...

That vacuum guy sounds a little addled. And I agree sometimes it's just not worth running all around to get a few bucks off the price.

Your rescued dinner sounds very yummy!

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