Sunday, June 14, 2009

Can you take more garden pictures?

Well another perfect weekend has come and gone. The weather has been so amazing. I heard we have had 18 days of continuous sun here in rainy Vancouver and it feels more like mid summer than spring. On Friday I did a show at a country fair with Superman's band and on Saturday I just camped out in the sunny yard and enjoyed myself. Later in the afternoon my dear friend Robin popped in with refreshments and her usual good humour. We lazed in the sun sipping cocktails and reminiscing about our trip to Mexico last year. Later, the boys showed up and we played some bocche ball and badminton and ordered in some yummy Greek food for dinner. A day well spent and in bed by 11. Poor Superman now has the horrible cold that Jessie and I had so we are giving him lots of sympathy. He likes that.
Today was another sun day. Jessie and I had all kinds of plans for gardening but after we pruned the Mock Orange tree(thanks to Robin for identifying it) and filled some vases we just had to sit and admire our work. Yes, I took pictures.

Jessie made SM and I the best Indian dinner this evening with homemade chutney and riata, butter chicken, basmati rice and poppadoms. Super delicious!! While she was preparing our dinner I made a rhubarb and strawberry pie using rhubarb from her brothers garden. Yummy summer flavour and we are all just so stuffed with goodness.
I took this picture of the Mock Orange from inside the garage.

Here she is against the blue, blue sky.

So pretty!

The Hydrangeas have even started blooming. This is the first flower from the largest bush in the yard. I sure hope there are still lots of flowers left for the wedding in September.

Here's the wall of roses and there are so many more blooming every minute. I can't even describe how amazing the yard smells.

Here is a little bouquet of mock orange flowers on the dining room table and a huge bunch that is on the mantle. Ummm, I hope these aren't the reason Superman keeps sneezing.


bodalorna said...

beautiful pix barbie! love the look and feel of your yard. i'm so happy for you to have this sanctuary:)

Anonymous said...

My my ... what a sweet garden we have! Nice pics. Barbie.

My Little Corner said...

Ain't nature wonderful!
Congratulations on the gorgeous garden and lovely flowers!
It's all so beautiful.

Carol Browne said...

A wall of roses! That's excellent. Hydrangeas are my favourite flowers. Those are beautiful shots.

Blonde Goddess said...

I have mock orange and hydrangeas in my yard too. I love the smell of mock orange. Beautiful pictures of your flowers!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Thanks friends!

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