Monday, June 8, 2009

I plan?

The wedding invitations have been sent to the printers and I am all aflutter. This weekend has been full of wedding thoughts and plans. I am meeting some resistance with Superman but as he told me this morning, "Don't stop telling me about things but don''t take it the wrong way if I act weird." I actually get that. It's all a little strange and I know he's on board but when I mention things like vows and wedding cakes he gets a little jittery. I am still finding it cute at the moment but hoping he comes around. Soon.
So many details and so little time now. We are down to double digits here, last week started the 100 day countdown! Food, cake, lighting, dress, suit, rentals and Dear God let the sun shine.
Please forgive me if I act confused from time to time.
Wish me luck my friends. i might just need it.


Anonymous said...

Relax everything will be fine .we are all family and friends . If you need help just call someone anyone we love you.LM

bodalorna said...

It's all coming together! How exciting. So honoured to be a part of it. Your day will be beautiful..

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