Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Guess what?

Well, I'm still here just recovering from a bunch of stupid stuff.
We have only had intermittent internets since last Friday and the guy who came by to fix it today just did a temporary fix running a cable through my kitchen. This is truly The House of Cords, Cables and Wires. One of the joys of living in an older house. On a side note, the guy that came to fix the internets showed up when I was in the shower, luckily Superman was home to let him in. The first thing he asked was if he could use our bathroom and then tried to walk in on me when I was drying off. Eek! I grabbed my stuff and took it into the bedroom while he was outside checking the connection so when he came back in he asked to use the bathroom again. When he was done I went in to continue getting ready and it turned out that he had been busy laying some cable in there and smelled up the whole bathroom. WTF? He could have at least sprayed some air freshener in there. Ugh. I was rather appalled but SM said I should give the guy a break, how long should he have to hold it? Just a bit longer would have been nice.
My camera is on the fritz and I had a root canal today. I also have searing sciatic pain that started on Monday and seems to be getting worse. I have been working out anyway, doing aqua fit and it doesn't hurt at all when I'm in the water. I wish I could be in the water all the time.
Superman got laid off from his job about a month ago and is doing all he can to find another. That's a bit stressful.
So , there you have it. That's what's happening here.
One more thing, I'm thinking of starting a whole new blog. This account has never shown my updates to my subscribers and I think it's ready for a name/style change. I just can't seem to fix it. Hopefully I can transfer all the content of this blog onto a new one and start fresh. I tried to change my background colour and lost my entire blog roll, among other things.
There you have it. This could be better but they could definitely be worse too. I am trying to be grateful for what I have and work towards what I need.
I'll try to come here more.


My Little Corner said...

Well that is unacceptable for him to use your bathroom like that! Jp used to have a job where he was in people's houses and he never used their bathroom or anything! Sorry to hear about Superman's job - that's not very good at all. I wish him well in finding a good job soon.

My Little Corner said...

Ooops - sorry - I meant to also say - I hope your back feels better and that your mouth doesn't hurt. Poor you.

It sucks that your blog is crapping out on you - blah to blogger!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Thanks Denise! I think your hope came true!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I think under settings somewhere, you can choose to have an RSS feed or not. Yours may be turned off (what I suspect), because this is the only one I don't get updates from on my Dashboard from Blogger.

And, YUCK on the cable dude doing a doo doo at your place. P.U.!

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