Friday, March 13, 2009


I want to be better at getting posts together but things keep getting in the way. We are approaching our second week in the new house and it's starting to feel normal and like home. There are a lot of funny little thing about this place and some mysteries that are still waiting to reveal themselves to me. Right now I am just cold. This little house is rather drafty and I have a hard time keeping warm. We have finally found a use for that super warm down quilt that SM's Mum gave us for Christmas a couple of years ago. It's warm in the sack but c-c-cold feet when they hit the floor. It doesn't help that we have been experiencing unusually cold weather these days. I can't wait for Spring so we can enjoy our yard.
I'm having a hard time keeping my energy up, I think the move just sapped me a bit and I feel the need to rest now. This is playing havoc with my boot camp and I only made it out once this week. I am having some trouble with my back again and going to massage therapy tonight so I can try to avoid the total seize up.

I wanted to leave you with a couple more pics of the house. This original 1940's telephone is attached to the wall in the hallway. When the guy came in to hook up the phones he hooked this up too. It has a beautiful, soft, nostalgic sound when it rings and the clarity when speaking on it is truly remarkable. We can't dial out on it though because that technology no longer exists apparently.

Here's a shot of the living room. I took this pic last week and it has changed a little since then. The big floral painting leaning on the wall found a home in the dining room and my other floral watercolour is now resting on the mantle, to break up the look of all that mirror.

I still have lots to do. I haven't been having much luck with my cooking since we moved here. I have made some pretty mediocre meals, I must admit. I could blame it on the old appliances or the strange layout of the kitchen I suppose. I did manage to make a pot of split pea soup last night though so hopefully minimal cooking this weekend.
Happy Friday everybody!!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Wow! I love it all. The area rug in the living room is perfect!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

I know! One of the squares in the rug is exactly the same colour as the carpet. SM thinks it's gold but it's actually more greenish. My dear friend Karin gave the rug to us a few years ago and I truly love it. It goes with everything.

Blonde Goddess said...

I love the phone. I think that is so incredible. Mr.Man and I both love antiques and especially usable ones.

My Little Corner said...

Hey are you okay? Where have you been? I hope everything's all right.

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