Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who's that cat?

A couple of years ago we took in my Mother-In -Law's cat while she went on an extended vacation. Now, we're not really cat people but on this one particular visit we really hit it off. He got comfortable with us and we got used to having him around and all was right with the world. It got to the point when our friends were making fun of us because we would tell them we had to get home because the cat was waiting for us.

Max is a 25 pound ginger tabby. Max is one of the fattest and lazy-est cat I have ever met. But...he has a heart of gold and keeps my MIL happy and is truly good company for her. Every evening I would try to get him to play by spraying cat nip on a toy and dangling it in front of him. He would take a couple of swipes and then just give up. Too much work. Kind of reminds me of an ex-boyfriend. Anyway, I took lots of pictures of Max, set them to music and posted it on youtube. I posted it in May 2007 and to date it has had 96 views, at least 20 of those were probably mine.

I thought I would share this tribute with you.


Blonde Goddess said...

That reminds me of Sven. He is my big cat...20 plus pounds...
He's caramel colored and does nothing but sleep, eat and poop.

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Max too. Except you need to add puking and clawing my favourite rug to the list. I think the extra weight is love.

My Little Corner said...

Twenty five pounds! Ok, I don't know much about cats -but isn't that big? Wowza!

That's a very nice tribute!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

No, it's true, he is super fat. The vet has put him on a diet and I think he lost 2 pounds but then he gained one back. His "Mummy" loves him a little too much.

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