Friday, March 6, 2009

Are you itchin' to see my kitchen?

This is my funny little kitchen.

I love this corner, it's so bright and cheerful.

I put my little tv here mostly because it had an outlet for cable I and I didn't know where else to put it. I know there is rom for an eat in table here but I want to keep it open for now. (And I don't have a little round table.) I am enjoying cooking and watching cooking shows at the same time.

Big kitchen, no cunter space. (Bwaha, ever since we moved my "o" key has been sticky. This is the worst case scenario word. I think I'll leave it.)

Hmmmmm, must figure this one out.
Also, holy 70's, let's have a cocktail/fondue party and swap keys vibe in this place. Don't you think?

Here's my sink area. Note the large gin and tonic waiting to be enjoyed.
More rooms coming. Stay tuned.
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Evil Twin's Wife said...

Cute kitchen! Definitely a 70s vibe on the wallpaper there. But, that's cool! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice canister set looks like its from 1961 lmttyl.

My Little Corner said...

Oh wow! It all looks so nice and cozy!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

That's right Mom, that canister set was the one you received as a young bride. I love it.

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Thanks for thinking it's cool and cozy:)

Anonymous said...

Hey - yer tea towel's crooked!
Just kidding - I'm obsessive, but not THAT obsessive.

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