Monday, March 23, 2009

What's for lunch?

Here's a little recipe for you.

white bread
Cap'n Crunch cereal

  • crush cereal up and put in shallow dish
  • dip bread in egg, vanilla mixture
  • coat with crushed Cap'n Crunch cereal
  • fry on skillet until golden brown

This is what T was craving when I spent the day with her today. She saw it on a cooking show and it's what she wanted to eat. So I made it for us and it was actually really good. Yes it's pretty sweet with syrup but I think it would be great with fruit and whipped cream.

The cereal creates a golden crust and kind of makes the french toast taste deep fried. You should try it. At least once.

I had a lovely, exhausting day with my dear friend today. I did manage to post today!! It's almost midnight but I made it.

Sleep well my friends.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

It will have to wait until after Easter for me. I gave up bread (and all baked goods) for Lent! :-)

My Little Corner said...

That does sound interesting! Too bad I was a little piggy and just finished all the Cap'n Crunch cereal. I'm sure it won't be the same with Special K

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

ETW- I forgot it was still Lent. You have to eat something extra wonderfully breadlicious when you're done:)

MLC- It would probably be good with crushed Special K. It would be much less sweet and healthier too. I looked up an actual recipe for it and it says to add a lot of cream. The texture and the colour were really nice the way I did it.

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