Monday, November 3, 2008

Are you going my way?

This weekend was a lot of fun. My bootcamp group and I went to Whistler Saturday and had a nice little getaway. We left early Saturday morning and after arriving at the condo and settling in we did the unthinkable, we worked out.

We did some weight work and then we headed odd down to the village. We decided to walk the few kilometers down to Whistler Village .
By the time we reached the village it had started to sprinkle a bit so we took refuge in an Irish pub called the Dubh Linn Gate for a little snack and a couple of drinks.
The trip back to the condo was uphill, naturally but we took an alternate route along the river, it was so beautiful with all the fall colours and just a little bit of rain. By the time we made it back to the condo we were ready for some fun. We grabbed some wine and hit the hot tub and then back to our comfy accommodations for some yummy food and lots more drinks.

That's salmon cakes from Vij's witha coconut chutney, a tomato and cucumber salad, a Goan coconut curry with chicken, a spicy veggie curry with snow peas and green beans and lamb popsicles with a dijon and wine marinade that we grilled and served with a creamy potato dish and some nice Indian breads. It was all so amazing, each of us brought a dish and all together it was a LOT of yummy food. And yes, there was a lot of wine consumed and there may have been naked hot tubbing but I can't really talk about that. We had too much fun!

The next morning was pretty subdued, after coffee and packing up we drove back to the village for an amazing hotel brunch. The drive home was a little more subdued but the views were so pretty. I took a lot of pictures from through the windshield. Here's one of my favourites.

All in all I am so grateful for these great women that I can count on for support and encouragement as I continue on this journey towards a more healthy life and a fit body.

Also, my ass muscles hurt.

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Anonymous said...

u go girls i m so proud to be your mom love u BARBIE.

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