Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blog-noxious anyone?

I have a cold.

I get a cold about once a year or so and this time I am fighting it with anything and everything I can think of because above all I need to go out this afternoon, see my friends and hear some fabulous live music. Since the first tickle I have bombarded the cold germs with Cold-FX immunity builder, zinc lozenges, pots of ginger tea with fresh ginger and honey and vitamin C, and of course, Advil Sinus to dull the symptoms.

Perhaps my very best weapon is #37 at my local Vietnamese Pho' house. It's a spicy satay noodle soup base with added chili by me and added chili oil by the chef when I mentioned I was fighting a cold. I wisely went without any makeup on because I would have melted it off with all the sweating I did.

I enjoyed my soup very much except for one thing, the large table of self important techno geeks who's conversation just annoyed me to no end. I think they must have been work mates and I believe it was some sort of dot com website that they were on about but I can't be sure. There was one guy who had a bright blue shirt on that said, "I'm Blogging this." yes they were bloggers of the aggressive obnoxious ilk and for some reason they pissed me off. Maybe it was because of the t-shirt, or the way the wearer would pull out his iPhone and start doing video blogs and "shout outs" in the middle of my lunch. He also thought it was funny to suggest that one of his workmates at the table was "the first homosexual blogger" and ask him what he thought about the Bill 8 defeat in California. The reply was, "It's not my country and I'm not gay!" I also learned that over 2000 people follow him on Twitter, some of them he described as "stalkers".

During my meal I was treated to arguments about who, at the table, bought the first iPhone and why Apple products are so much better than anything else, each one of them talking while working their phones furiously.

As they were pointing their phones at each other trying to get video fodder for their blogs I waited until I thought I might be in the background shot and slowly and deliberately flipped the bird.

I hope that makes it onto his blog.
I guess "I'm blogging this" too.


Big Girl Feet said...

argh!! how annoying!! I hope they got you in the bkgd shot- that is too funny!!
we went to a wedding recently and a few people with iphones were deliberately nonchalantly holding them not so casually so other guests could see them. Like ooo! I have an iphone! I'm a total pro- apple/mac girl but big friggin' deal!

I hope you are feeling better!!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Why do people have to be such pains? I don't "get" the iPhone thing...then again, I'm content with just a regular cell phone because all I need to do is place a call or receive a call. Also? I'm OLD.

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