Friday, November 14, 2008

Wanna Thai one on?

I am waiting to go out for dinner.

I had a pretty good day today. It started out with a workout that just felt HARD. My cold is gone but my chest is still "chesty" that along with the very cold air made me cough quite a bit during my workout . Not fun or pretty.

I ended my work day pretty close to where Superman's new office is so I decided to pay him a visit. I met his boss, super nice guy, great business and a really nice facility. Funny thing, when I was walking up to the building, I could see through his bosses window a beautiful framed face shot of the DC comics Superman cartoon, I thought, hmmm I thinks this is a good match. SM got off early so I drove him and I home and here I wait.

We are going to Sawasdee, an amazing Thai restaurant just a block away. I can't wait, but somehow I am still waiting.

SM is in the middle of a battle. Turks versus the Rebels. SM is addicted to a game called Medieval Total War 2 , he finds it hard to leave mid-battle.

If he waits to long he will have to pay...for an appetizer.


K8 the Gr8 said...

It's the game's fault. It makes you use up half an hour of serious skill and concentration without giving you the ability to save the game in between. Once you've started a mission, you have to finish it.

It's like the Sunday Game and the tides of the moon... there's no changing it.

My tolerance comes from the aul' "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" concept.

I hope the food was nice :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Was dinner good? I don't like waiting when I'm super hungry... I start to get pretty irritable. LOL.

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