Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is it bedtime?

I had a great weekend but now all I want to do is sleep. We had a very close friend come into town looking for a "lost weekend" and boy, did we find one for him. Friday night was spent jamming and catching up.He's a stellar bass player and SM and I played in a band with him for almost 7 years and various projects after that. We also shared a house with him for at least as long before him and his lady moved away to Cobble Hill to immerse themselves in the Bluegrass. So we pulled an all nighter on Friday, came home, got some sleep and a late afternoon nap and then off to The Wise Hall for their 50th birthday party. The place was loaded with old friends seldom seen and it was great to be in our old stomping grounds and catch up with folks. After the dance we headed back to J and D's place and started to listen to old recordings that we had made back in the day. We had done a fair bit of recording in different studios and it was a gas to listen to where we were musically when we were so much younger. Eye opening actually.
All in all it made me realize what a long strange musical journey it's been and how important the people I have shared it with are to me. It never ends either. I am still meeting people who inspire me musically and it amazes me how deep my friendships run when they have the musical connection. I don't think this will ever change for me and I look forward to seeing where it all goes.
I am thinking of changing my blog name and format. I find the having to ask a question thing annoying and the title was funny but now it just kind of bugs me. I might be due for an overhaul.
Stay tuned.
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Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ahhh, a blog make-over, huh? Well, just don't change your url, because I wouldn't be able to find you! :-)

My Little Corner said...

That must have been a terrific weekend! Your bed looks comfy! You're fortunate to be so talented!

I thought about changing my blog too but the advice I got was "that's what your readers are used to" and "think hard about what you want and what they want" so far I haven't changed yet.
I like your blog name and the trend of asking questions - I think it's a really unique format (wished I thought of it)

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Thanks ladies. I think I will just mess with the look of it and keep the format the same.

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