Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's for dinner?

Tonight we had a dinner party. I made my famous chicken stew with dumplings and it did not disappoint. That meal is always a hit and such a satisfying thing to serve. People always love it and it makes me feel like a rock star in the kitchen. I think one of the best parts is how great it makes the house smell or in our case the apartment and down the hallway. I wanted them to smell the chicken stew as they got off the elevator and walked down the hall towards our door. The first words out of their mouths was, "Something smells goooood." That's my favourite part.
We celebrated a birth and a birthday and we got to hold the baby a little too. She is two weeks old and so tiny and precious. I LOVE holding babies.
By the way, that's a romaine heart, cucumber spears, delicious juicy red pear slices and craisins with a cherry balsamic dressing in the photo above.
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bodalorna said...

mmmm I love your chicken stew and I love that you showed me how to make it. Pretty salad too!

My Little Corner said...

Gorgeous dinner! I can't wait to try it! ;-)
Congratulations on the successful party!

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