Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little ole us??

Today Lorna and I are being honoured by The Women's Enterprise Centre at a luncheon and book release. We are part of 100 women in the province that have been chosen as pioneers in business. It is quite an honour.

New Pioneers: Stories of 100 BC Women Entrepreneurs
This book, New Pioneers: Stories of 100 BC Women Entrepreneurs is a celebration of the pioneering spirit of 100 contemporary women entrepreneurs from around the province. At Women’s Enterprise Centre, we feel it is not only important to recognize and celebrate our entrepreneurial roots, but also essential to record those accomplishments for the generations to come.
It is our hope that this book will build that awareness and encourage, influence, inspire, provide role models and motivate women and girls to consider entrepreneurship. The stories in this book showcase the successes and challenges which BC women entrepreneurs have faced. The book also highlights the support these women have received from friends, family members, women’s business networks and business service providers such as ourselves.


My Little Corner said...

WOW! that is terrific.
I am so proud of you and Lorna!
Congratulations! You both deserve it!
(I wish I could write my comment in large bold red letters to express my happiness for you both-but we can't change the font)

I ordered that book! Inspiring!

Enjoy your moment in the sun and many more to come! Champagne toast to you both!

My Little Corner said...

PS. I love the new photo on your header! Gorgeous - so full of energy!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Thanks Denise!!
It really is quite an honour.
I took that photo at the PNE this summer. I love it too.

Big Girl Feet said...

Congratulations you guys- you so deserve it!!! You're both so inspiring in so many ways, I am honoured just to know you!!

ps I ordered one too...! :))

Carol Browne said...

Congratz! I'll get myself a copy for sure.

Also, a big fan of the header. Nice shot!

Anonymous said...

How cool! Congrats to you and Lorna! Your dedication and hard work deserves to be recognized and is inspiring to us all!

Way to go!
Janice :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...


Sorry I've been absent lately. I lost my laptop (it broke - got a new one), lost my bookmarks and am slowly finding my way around to everyone again. :-)

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Thank you all my friends! I feel humbled by the whole thing. You are so kind.

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