Monday, October 6, 2008

Hey Sister, wanna sing?

Here's my weekend update:

I said I would have pictures of my weekend and then I forgot to bring my camera. Imagine that's me and Janice in the photo singing sweetly.

Friday night I had a gig at the bar across the street, it was a 3 band show so I had lots of time for relaxing too. After the show had a select group over to the house for one last drink, and a bit of acoustic jamming. Saturday slept late, headed downtown for our weekly Rockabilly/Honky-Tonk open mike/jam thing got up and sang a couple of times with the house band, loads of fun and adult beverages with friends. Home early and a lazy evening. Sunday got up and cleaned house for about 4 hours, made chicken and dumplings, had Janice over for dinner then we rehearsed and wandered about a block down the street where we were the feature act at a little French Bistro/ spoken word venue (we sang our words).

Great crowd and sold some cd’s too. Home by 10:30 and to bed.

Great weekend all in all!

Any weekend filled with music is as good as it gets!

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