Wednesday, October 15, 2008

**Random Facts About Me** ?

I was tagged by Cynthia!

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**Random Facts About Me**

1. I can take or leave coffee in the morning. I don't care enough to make it myself but if someone else makes it I'm good for about half a cup. I will admit that sometimes it truly hits the spot.

2. I've never been that keen on teddy bears, even as a baby my favourite stuffed toy was a monkey. I love monkeys but I wouldn't want a real one.

3. The one and only time I played The Commodore Ballroom, I was singing back up harmonies for another artist. I had to leave the stage for one song and then return for another number. I had to pee really bad and as I was standing up to pull up my pants in the backstage bathroom I hit my head so hard on the poorly positioned toilet paper dispenser that I saw stars. I don't really remember the rest of the show.

4. People tell me things. People I don't know tend to tell me things about themselves that I wish I could un-know.

5. Every time I buy new electronics within a couple of months I have envy about the next, newest, technology and I wish I could buy that and put mine aside.

6. I'm good at fixing things. Many years ago I worked in a watch repair kiosk at Woodward's people would bring in watches for repair and I would send them to a workshop for repairs. Sometimes I would take a stopped watch open it up and hold it in my hand and it would start working again. I could do it time and time again. Eventually they asked me to work in the workshop doing repairs. I had no training but I was pretty good at it. I liked that job but I quit because they didn't want to pay me enough.

I tag Denise, Lorna, Chrissandra

1 comment:

My Little Corner said...

My favourite toy was a monkey too! His name was Jocko. I have no idea where I got that name from. Next was a stuffed grizzly bear called Smokey and then I had a black Raggedy Ann (it was the 70s!)
See? You made me tell you things too - I hope you don't wish to unknow that ! (giggle)
So cool you can fix watches!

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