Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How's life on the road?

Last week Lorna and I went to the Sunshine Coast for some business and ended up having a pretty wild time. We always have so much fun on our little road trips and this one was no different. The weather ended up being pretty great and I was thrilled to see this gorgeous trailer as we were getting off the ferry. I took this photo from our moving car as we passed it on the way up the hill to Gibsons. Of course I waved and gave them the thumbs up as we went by. I think they got it, they waved back and smiled a lot. When we drive Big Momma (our car), we are always waving at people and trying to get attention. It helps to drive a car with big pink flowers all over it. Little girls and old men seem the most affected.

As we were driving up the coast we saw something that always cracks me up, they don't have bus benches or shelters so people just put plastic lawn chairs at the bus stop so they have a place to sit. I don't know why I think it's so funny but we were joking that when someone has a big BBQ they just drive up the coast and collect all the chairs they need and return them the next day. This time I noticed that some of the stops have hand made wooden stools as well as plastic chairs. I think it's nice.
We arrived at the B&B in Sechelt and it was really beautiful. The house itself overlooked the water and our hostesses wasted no time in pouring us some wine and getting us all in to the hot tub for some fact finding and business talk. A couple of hours later we were treated to a lovely dinner, more wine, more hot tub and some more wine. Some people really know how to look after guests and make them feel comfortable. Our hostess was the mostess. After we covered all possible topics and realized we were extremely pruned up we wandered over to our room at the B&B attached to the house.
The room is nothing if not opulent. So beautifully decorated and perfectly appointed. I can't wait to go there with my honey for a night of romance. Lorna and I were sufficiently impressed and after we boosted each other up onto the huge bed we both fell into a bit of a tipsy sleep. I woke up once in the night to use the bathroom and I had to crawl backwards off the end of the bed and search for the floor with my feet like a toddler. The stool at the end of the bed was necessary for re-mounting the king sized platform. King size is good for two girls that don't need to cuddle.
We woke up in the morning and headed off for breakfast, explored Sechelt a bit and then off to do some business. It ended up being a good match for us and after loading thousands of dollars worth of designer shoes into the back of Big Momma we hit the trail back towards Gibsons. We stopped for a quick and delicious lunch at Molly's Reach and then headed of to Happy Tails Ranch to visit Dave and Chari and about 18 dogs. They board dogs and since it was coming up on Thanksgiving weekend they were at full capacity. It was quite the welcome. This is a picture of Maggie, she is the matriarch of dog society and the mistress of the house. She also has a new outfit. I think she looks smashing.
After some cocktails we brushed the dog hair off ourselves as best we could and hit the road to catch the ferry back to Vancouver. We were tired so we stayed in the car enjoyed the pretty pink sunset and relaxed. It's only about 20 minutes from the ferry terminal in Horseshoe Bay to my place. It's fun to go away I LOVE the Sunshine Coast but I am always glad to get home safe and sound from any trip. Looking forward to the next road trip!

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My Little Corner said...

Wow! That sounds like an incredible trip. So glad to hear it went well. Nice photos too!

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