Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do you have turn down service?

I'm still having back problems. I think I over did it a little with house cleaning on Sunday and working out on Monday. I keep trying to stretch it out and it feels better for a little while and then it stiffens up and I am like a little old lady again. I have decided to skip my work out tomorrow morning and try for Friday. My trainer is so awesome, she has assured me that I can make up for my lost training at the end of the 10 weeks so here's hoping I can just get better fast and get on with it. I have been taking lots of hot baths for comfort and it felt so good to get my bathroom nice and clean and pretty, a little warm sake never hurt either. My bed is feeling pretty good these days too with fresh sheets and the cozy warm bedding. Sometimes it's hard to get out of bed.
Tomorrow Lorna and I are off to the Sunshine Coast to meet with a couple of women business owners who want to do some business with us. They are so excited about our concept and promise lots of "networking" when we get there. The cool thing is, one of them also owns a bed and breakfast and has offered to put us up for the night. It's a sexy, couples only b&b with big fluffy beds, lots of lush red and a hot tub. We are just waiting to see if we can get a room with two beds because, you know, we're close and everything but...
Should be interesting.
I promise to take pictures.
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Big Girl Feet said...

aww! I hope your back is feeling better, and hope you have a great trip to the coast- how fun is that!

My Little Corner said...

Your bath and sake looks very inviting!
I do hope your back is better very soon and your trip sounds like a hoot! May you have a successful business meeting. Happy Thanksgiving.

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