Thursday, October 30, 2008

What, what?

I'm watching Biggest Loser right now. I know!! I can't help myself. I am fascinated by the changing bodies but sometimes disgusted by the way the show is edited. I also don't think there is any safe and healthy way for someone to lose 10-14 pounds in one week, is there? The idea of working full time on my fitness and weight loss really interests me. I can see the results of 3 times a week and I wonder what full time exercise would be like.

There is a show shot locally here called X-Weighted, they once approached my business and asked us to supply them with spandex shorts and sports bras for their "before" pictures. That's right, put the fat girl in the spandex and tell her she looks disgusting. The trainer is really mean and the contestants always end up frustrated and crying. We chose not to participate.

We have also been approached by this show to help them cast women for their program, at that time I considered what it would be like to be on that show. Honestly, I think they would love to have me on that show. The actual thought of working out the way I have been and having people see me do it has changed my opinion of that. There is nothing pretty about the way I sweat and swear and huff and puff. It's something I can only feel comfortable doing with my girls. My boot camp buddies have seen it all and I've seen them do it too. That's why I am looking forward to going up to Whistler with my girls this weekend and drinking some wine, eating some yummy food and, oh yes, working out. sigh

I got a new book today. It's called Teardrops and Tiny Trailers by Douglas Keister. This book makes me so happy and further fuels my small travel trailer obsession. It even has a whole chapter on Canada's boler trailer. I found out that boler spells it's name with a small b on purpose. It has nothing to prove. Maybe one day I will start to spell my name with a small b. Not right now though, I still have so much to prove.


bodalorna said...

Woo hoo! Whistler, here we come. We'll get the boot camp out of the way and move straight on to the hot tub:)

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

I hear that, sistah!

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