Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How's the weather?


Holy crap! We are finally getting our winter and it's a doozie. We are supposed to get about 10cm today, it's really sticking right now and the temps are supposed to go down to -15 by the weekend. I work about a block away from my home so no snow day for me but it still remains to be seen if my staff will make it in from the West End. Oh ya, and customers, sure hope they come and shop. If I had one thing to say about shopping this season I would say do your best to spend your money in the small businesses in your neighbourhood. They depend on you to survive in times like this and offer a great selection of interesting and unusual wares. I know it's tempting to spend all your Xmas money at a one stop WalMart or Costco but save a little for your local. We need you. Okay, that's the end of my public service announcement.
We had a big party to go to on Saturday night and spent Sunday relaxing and recouping so all in all the weekend was too quick and before you know it Monday comes around.
I spent Monday with my ill friend T. I took her to some appointments and we had a wonderful day. She was suffering from some pretty major pain as I was taking her around and it was so hard to see. It's just very difficult to see someone you love suffer. I am so grateful to share these days with her though, they are precious to me. Funny thing, Mondays I am all there with T and so productive in her home and anything she needs I will do happily and easily. Tuesday is a different story, I am in a daze, I find myself staring into space or simply tuning out and basically not functioning very well. I feel nervous, scared and depressed but it's deeper than that. I know why it is happening and I think it's appropriate to the situation so I am just allowing myself to feel it. What else can I do?
So now it's Wednesday and it's a new, snowy day to enjoy. I love the snow and the feeling of being snowed in. Leave your car at home and go for a walk in your neighbourhood.
Stay warm people.
I'm going to take a picture out of my window right now and will make it the header for this post.
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Chuckles said...

Pretty snowy out here in Ladner today. Wish I could leave my car at home...or heck just staying at home would have been good.

It sounds like your Monday was very similar to my Friday. and Your Tuesday was my Saturday. It's kind of like an emotional hangover. I completely understand and have felt what you are feeling.

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Thanks Chuck.
Drive home carefully this evening.

My Little Corner said...

So nice of you to help your friend - I'm sure she's forever grateful.

How was business yesterday? I hope enough locals came into your shop for Christmas shopping.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That's so sweet for you to help your friend. I'm sorry you're having such a rough day afterward, but I think it is completely normal and appropriate - and you're right to just feel it. Hang in there...

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Thanks for your kind words lovely ladiesd. I know it's the right thing to do and the way I feel afterwards is normal and appropriate. It's just hard and that's the way it's supposed to be.
Business is picking up a bit actually, thanks for asking.

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