Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What are you doing Christmas Eve?

The fridge is full, the liquor cupboard is full, we have a stack of rented movies and the snow is almost touching my ass.
It snowed and snowed and snowed so much that I am losing my view. That's a couple of feet there and I can't push it off onto the sidewalk below and I don't want to add all that weight to the deck. I miss my view.
Yes, this snow thing is for real.
What it means is this, no one is going anywhere. All day I was seeing people loading their suitcases and presents into their cars and I wondered how many of them would actually reach their destinations without having to deal with a pantload of stress and two miles of ditch for every mile of road. It's pretty gnarly on the main roads but as soon as you go anywhere off the main route it's a truly bad scene. My driving experience was last night and it was a scary ride home. We've had at least 20cm of snow since then.
We will have to miss a lovely dinner with Superman's family, including 7 week old Natasha, in White Rock tonight, Christmas Eve.
We will also have to miss our Christmas day dinner with my family in Chilliwack tomorrow afternoon.
There's nothing to be done, no one to whine to and we all agree that it's not safe to travel. When you think about it, we are only stretching out Christmas and learning how to spend Christmas a different way. We will still get to have those special days only on a different date.
Christmas is going to be different this year, celebrated on a day other than Christmas, but that's okay. The important part and the thing that makes it Christmas is being with the people you love.
Right now I am with my beloved, I am warm, I am safe and I am thankful.

Merry Christmas Everyone!
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My Little Corner said...

I know what you mean - we did the same thing, stocked our cupboards, rented movies, took out magazines and books from the library and it's just me and him. I roasted a chicken with stuffed rice, etc and we're now full and happy.
sorry you'll miss dinner with family, that's really too bad.
Perhaps thing's will be better tomorrow for you to get to Chilliwack - there's still hope. Or, like you said, it'll just be postponed -more fun!
Glad you're all safe and sound and snug at home. It's been great getting to know you this year - wishing you a very Merry Holiday Season!


K8 the Gr8 said...

Oh I wish I wish I wish it would snow. That would be excellent, the icing on the cake! (scuse the pun).

I hope those flicks last you 'till supplies are re-inforcable!

Happy New Year in the meantime :)

Big Girl Feet said...

Happy snow week(s)!
I hope you and Superman had a nice cozy Christmas and enjoyed the pretty snow- before it got slushy!

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