Thursday, December 11, 2008

Will you support me, technically?

Holy Cow! I woke up to a blank screen and a cryptic message on my laptop and things did not look good. I did everything it asked me to and nothing was working. I had a corrupted file or something and it was round and round on the Vista train there. Scary. Eventually I called support at the company that I bought it from and talked to a nice man there. As I was telling him what I had tried it suddenly started working. I told him he was super good at his job and said goodbye but not before learning that the place I bought my computer is no longer in business and that my warranty was up. I feel so unprotected and I think I need to take her in for a check up and make sure everything is working properly, in the meantime I will start dumping anything important onto my external hard drive just to be safe.
Yesterday was a nice day. I was able to cut through my sad feelings and get on with it. Lorna and I did some Christmas shopping for our staff and I found some super cute ornaments that I will give as gifts and some to keep for myself. I also bought a scent diffuser that smells like a fresh Christmas tree. Really. It doesn't smell like one of those tree shaped things you hang in your car at all. Really. This weekend I will go down to the storage locker and find our cute little tree and the rest of our decorations and get some spirit going on around here.
Yesterday evening I went for dinner at a local bistro in honour of my friend Robin's birthday. Happy Birthday my friend!!
This morning our shop was featured in a Vancouver Sun article about shopping local!
It's so encouraging when local media promotes neighbourhood shopping. It's a great idea to hit some of those areas for shopping and support small businesses like our shop for instance, a person could shop there for all kinds of things. We carry beautiful clothes and fabulous accessories and lots of fun gift items. If you ever thought you should pop in and check it out I would hope that you might do it now. Support your local!
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