Thursday, December 4, 2008

Were did I go today?

Today, business and pleasure took Lorna and I into beautiful Steveston Village . We had a not too bad lunch and even a nice spicy Caesar to celebrate Lorna and G. closing on their new house. Congratulations guys! After our lunch and a meeting with our friend/advisor Karin we took a walk in the village and checked out a few of the shops.

This is in a store called the Prickly Pear. Yup, it's an upside down Christmas tree. I think it's really cute and I love the way the ornaments hang off of it. I was somewhat inspired to decorate our little home this season. Time will tell weather I will actually dig the decorations out of the storage area and put them out. There's probably about a 50/50 chance. I will keep you posted.
We went into a beautiful butchers and I must say I really like this shot of all the yummy cuts of meat. Sorry to all of my vegetarian readers. I bought half of a marinated pork roast and some garlic mashed potatoes. We had it with pickled red cabbage and apples from a jar and broccoli and cauliflower florets. Pretty good actually.
This is a fun picture of a Greek restaurant that is probably a hoot in the summer.
I had to snap this shot out the window while we were driving of this spectacular sunset. This was the true colour of the sky. Amazing!
I love my little Sony Cyber-shot DSC-t70 . It wasn't expensive and I can carry it in my purse all the time, whip it out for a quick photo before anyone notices and share the photos with you here. I have never had a camera that I actually enjoyed using before this and I am so happy to have found this one.
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My Little Corner said...

We were planning on going to Steveston on Sunday - too funny!
Great photo - I carry my little camera in my purse too - but don't pull it out nearly as often as I should.
Life's going to be really different with Lorna living farther away from you - are you planning on moving too?

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

I'm not planning on moving away from Vancouver anytime soon. We have too many music and friend and work things here.

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