Friday, December 19, 2008

What are you doing New Years...?

I am going to try and dedicate my Friday posts to music from now on. I have some ideas about dissecting the Boomchix album and offering a free download every Friday. I also want to get my partner and the writer of most of the songs, Janice, to share a bit on what inspired her to write the songs and we can talk a little bit about the process we went through to get them to the point of performing and recording. I promise it won't be technical or boring, hopefully interesting.

I also want to discuss our name, how we came up with it and how we had never even heard of The Dixie Chicks when we named our selves Boomchix. Since then we are constantly being compared to them, mostly by reviewers, and it's a bit annoying actually.

I must also point out that there really isn't one photo of me singing that is nice. I always look like I'm about ready to call the hogs when I sing and there is nothing pretty about that. I am glad that I've had my dental work updated and switched over to white fillings for the most part because I tend to open my mouth so wide you can really get a nice view in there. Ah well, it aint always pretty but it usually sounds alright.

Boomchix is playing a big New Years Eve show at The Princeton Pub again this year with Wichita Trip, (that's Superman's band) and The Burrs, (that's Janice's new band). We sold the event out last year and had a great time playing the show so I am looking forward to it. I'd rather be on stage at the stroke of midnight than almost anywhere else.

Today is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and it's really cold so the snow is staying. That never happens here, usually it snows and then it turns to rain and we're up to our asses in slush. I like this weather but it's drying my skin out.

Happy Friday Ya'll and don't forget to moisturize!!


Anonymous said...

you won't be on stage at midnght... I will!

Blonde Goddess said...

I think Mr.Man and I are going to a party at my friends house AND it's within walking distance.

Can you say, WHOOOO!!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

I WILL be on stage at midnight, kissin' you!

Have a great party Blonde Goddess!!!

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