Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Are you ready?

It's time to put away the brandy beans and start moving my ass. All that boot camp at the end of last year is becoming a faded memory and believe me, my ass has a good memory. Apparently there is something called muscle memory too, it's supposed to make your muscles remember what they were doing the last time you gave a shit and make it easier to get back to where you were. We shall see.
I am tired of having nothing to do, I don't function well like this. I need to be busy to feel happy. I need to feel pushed. I need to push myself. I know it's that time of year and I hate resolutions but I know what needs to be done here.
In my "better" life I work harder at my job, I work out at least 3 times a week and I spend one day a week helping others.
I'm thinking of starting a new music project too. You'll be the first to know.
I started writing this yesterday but it was turning into a bit of a whine and I decided to wait until today to revisit the post. I don't think anybody needs to hear me whine about my life, we all have our problems.
I am feeling so much better about things today anyway, the snow is melting and I'm four floors up so when the great flood cometh we shall remain dry.
Bring it on!

1 comment:

My Little Corner said...

oh boy!
What else does your ass remember?

You may whine if you like - it's your blog!

Hope you're doing better today. And the fact that you've done boot camp- even if it was a few months ago is still better than those of us that haven't!

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