Monday, January 26, 2009

Is it me?

This was the view from our balcony at 7:30 this morning. Beautiful, clear and c-c-cold. They are calling for snow for the next couple of days and even though I usually like snow, this year, I am done. Everybody around here has had their fill of damn snow I think. It's also bad for business. Maybe that's why evrybody was so freaky this weekend, thinking it might be the last time they would be getting out for a while. Sometimes I think that it's just me, that my tolerance for people is low or something. This weekend it felt, to me , like most of the people I talked to were crazy, or maybe just drunk. (If I talked to you this weekend I probably mean someone else. hehe) I simply could not relate. Socially, I did not do too well and often wanted to tell people to shove it up their asses. But I didn't. It probably was just me. (but it wasn't).
I have to run now, I am spending the day with T. I have to run her to an appointment at the Cancer clinic and I'm planning on making the family my famous chicken stew for dinner. Then I am home and off to a band practice. Busy day, must get started.
TTFN. Have a good day.
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Juicy said...

Well - if it was me - you are more than welcome to tell me to shove it up my ass anytime. From you I would take it - from others, not so much! Loved seeing you at the RW and thanks for singing with me.

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Not you Juicy!!
I had to re-read what I wrote, I think it sounds a little more harsh than I meant it to. It really might just have been me...
I loved singing with you, that was a highlight of the day, fer sure.
I doubt I will ever tell you to shove it as I know you could kick my ass. hehe

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