Saturday, January 3, 2009

How was your year?

I've got some catching up to do here. Happy New Year to all! I think I am almost recovered. It's been a busy time in these parts punctuated by the worst weather in recent history. Here is a quote from a local news source-"The last two weeks have been a winter weather nightmare for Vancouver, with huge dumps of snow followed by rain, heavy slush and flooding. All over the city, people are griping about the toll storm after storm has taken on their holiday season."That just about sums it up.

Add to the mix that we celebrated Superman's birthday on the 30th and both of our bands played the new year in at The Princeton Pub on the 31st.
I felt the occasion called for new hair. My dark brown crop is not really working for me so I went wig shopping. I decided to go for something subtle, bleach blond and past my waist. I decided to braid it and the braids came past my hip. Yes, it was a bit ridiculous but damn it, those people came to be entertained and who am I to deny people the thrill of a silly wig?
I do enjoy wearing wigs for gigs but man my head gets warm and those braids were threatening to get stuck in my mandolin. I just muscled through and didn't tear it off my head until we were safely at our friends place for a wind down and did I mention there was also another snow storm to deal with by the time we finished our show?
All in all we put on a fine show, apparently over 70 people bought tickets and didn't show up to the party. We can only guess that this was weather related. The show was less well attended than last year even though it was sold out.
I know it's kind of a scowly picture of me but I just can't smile when I'm taking my own picture, it feels too fake.

Lots of decorations and a balloon drop too. Here's something I don't get, when the balloons drop, even though we are performing, grown men feel the need to pop every single one. One guy was even grabbing as many as he could and then standing right in front of the band to pop them. What the hell?
I will admit to being slightly globophobic (fear of balloons), I hate watching people pop them and squeeze them. It makes me crazy and I remember crying about that when I was little.

Last night we decided to go over to Robin's place and eat some lobster. Here's a picture of the live bunch of lobsters.

Here's one coming out of the pot. Soon he will be mine.
The lobster was delicious but I realize each time I sit down to a lobster dinner that I can't really eat a whole one. They are just too rich for me. I ate a tail and one claw and I was dunzo. We also had a yummy salad and some Chinese sticky rice to go along with our crusty friends.(the lobsters)

All in all it was about good friends and good eats and good spirits, not necessarily in that order but friends definitely come first.
We are truly blessed with our friends and family and for that I am thankful.
To be honest 2008 was a tough year for us, I'm kind of glad it's done and I'm looking forward to something better in 2009.
That is my wish for you too. Even if 2008 was a good year for you I hope that 2009 is even better.
Thanks for stopping by!
Hey! It's snowing again.

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Blonde Goddess said...

The blond braids are HOT! Of course I prefer a viking helmet to a straw hat, but that's just me.

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

That's so funny! I had that suggestion made to me several times the night I wore the braids. Where does one get such a horny hat?

Blonde Goddess said...

I got mine on EBAY, but it's real metal and HEAVY. I would suggest a plastic one. You can get them online or at a costume shop.

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