Thursday, January 8, 2009

Was I dreaming?

Sweet sleep, I got a lot last night but whoa, some crazy ass dreams. Tomorrow I am helping my BFF and business partner move to another town. I don't think that one has really sunk in yet, for now I am just excited for them and looking forward to helping them set up house. I love that part. This week started with feelings of dread but is turning out to be okay after all. Except those crazy dreams I had last night.

I know it's boring to hear about other peoples dreams but this is my blog goes.

I was asked to come by Oprah's? or someones, studio for a show they were putting on featuring some older American musician that dressed in civil war costumes. I got to the backstage area and realized that they probably wanted me to sing back up since I knew all the songs anyway, I was running into musicians I knew and they were all happy to see me too. It turns out that there were two young, cute girls that were hired to do the show instead of me and that's when things got ugly. I went outside and I was in a suburban yard when I started seeing things in the sky, huge bad things that were trying to hurl death down on anyone they could see. It was either death or cinnamon loaf because as I was hiding in the compost pile one of the back up singers came by and she had a big loaf of something sticky caught in her long hair. I helped her get rid of it and all the musicians came running out, afraid and looking for answers as the horror from above grew and grew threatening to kill us all.

I know it's a crazy dream but, man, I wonder what the hell it means. I figure the younger, cuter singers represent me being afraid of being replaced by a newer model. The frustration of not being asked to do the show is pretty obvious. The menace from above? I guess that's death and how it feels like it has randomly swept down and chosen whoever got in the way. And the sweet loaf? Maybe death brings out sweetness and goodness with it sometimes. I know I see it every day with my friends trying to support each other and T with her illness. There is so much caring and love and sweetness going around among the sadness and terror.

Or maybe I shouldn't drink wine before bed?


My Little Corner said...

Oh boy that is a crazy dream! I don't interpret mine anymore, I seemed to just revise TV that I watched earlier - were you watching American Idol by any chance?

I wondered how you would do without your BFF - I hope you each gave the other a webcam!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Webcam! That's a great idea!
I think I will stop interpreting my dreams, you are probably right, TV brings on strange dreams. I watched Jack Lemmon movies last night. hmmmmmmmmm

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