Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where's the beef?

Last night was "date night", around here that means more than just scheduling sex, it also means food and entertainment. I picked up some steaks and came home early to tidy up our little home. Superman got home with a bottle of wine some snacks and a movie.
I cooked those steaks up the way I always do, they were expensive rib steaks and I even left them out of the fridge for a while to let them come to room temperature, seasoned them well and cooked them in my cast iron frying pan, like always. When I thought they were done I let them rest and then served up the rest of the meal so we could dig in. The steaks were done to perfection, medium rare and they tasted like nothing. No flavour. I don't think I should have to put gravy on a 9 dollar steak but that's what I did. It wasn't even tender. It looked so good in the package too, so either I don't know how to cook a steak, or they somehow made those steaks look like expensive rib steaks and really they were a cheap, tough cut. I just don't know.
I have decided that I need to make friends with my butcher. That way if something like this were to happen again, the next day I would go in there and say "Hey Sam, what the hell was with that cut of meat you sold me yesterday?" I think most butchers are called Sam. Sam would be pretty concerned and then he would walk me over to the meat department, choose something really great and take out his black sharpie, cross off the price written and put some ridiculously low price on it to make up for all the money I wasted last night. I'll let you know what his real name is after I talk to him.
All in all it was a nice night and we watched the new Guy Richie movie Rock and Rolla', I liked it. It wasn't too, too violent and was quite funny actually, lots of hunky English men in it too.
The rest of the evening is non of your business. Nice!

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